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  1. hentia is sick. I cant see how anyone can watch that crap. Half of it is stuff u would never ever wana see like rape or tenticles and crap. I like normal anime.
  2. why dont u just put it on the hd? i mean it isnt like its a large file or anything
  3. You can get some manga here http://www.snoopycool.com/ Such as Midori no hibi which is probably the only one ive read.
  4. I would wana work for bungie but only if i could get them to use there skills on a game besides halo lol. I couldnt handel just halo halo all the time. Hopefully they will try something else soon.
  5. an extremely dark green. I modded mine a few times and noticed when the shavings werent black at all. Kinda weird
  6. if u dont have money get a job
  7. i know ive made it to 3 not sure if i ever made it to 4 lol
  8. im not even a shooter fan at all... but i have to say this game is kick ass. I get addicated to it all the time
  9. thats why god invented renting games from the video store ooh and suprise suprise renting is totaly legal
  10. powerstone 2 and gt worked fine for me off suprnova... not sure about re3 havent got that yet
  11. thats the biggest load a bull ive heard today
  12. what games dont work... i havent had any issues yet
  13. if u use alcohol 120% it burns both ngr and cdj. I personly never use cdj
  14. looks like suprnova is starting to get its DC games back
  15. that really makes no since... they scare all the dreamcast games off supernova yet still have the xbox and ps2 games on there. Id rather see them scare off current generation pirates
  16. yep neo geo pocket and gameboy advance
  17. they started a new tracker here not sure what happened to the old one. I already got it... its ok i guesss
  18. it has to do with the emulating proccess. An emulator is a program that emulates a systems hardware. So take saturn for an example, it had more than one proccesor i believe. So instead of emulating one processor like the psx emu it has to emulate 2 which would use up twice as much cpu and memory as the psx emu. under stand now?
  19. exploits suck. I tryed one and realized ahh need a mod chip.
  20. it was just released on suprnova
  21. lol sorry i figured it would be in this section
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