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  1. Well, more options to choose from, for starters, such as also difficulty select mode, and the training mode Agozer mentioned so i'll learn the mechanics without getting owned by the AI. Surely i'll also want to have the arcade choice for the reasons you mentioned, but definitely not only that. No reason why not to have both versions.
  2. Great news, thanks for the info., i'll check out all of them starting with Kawaks since i didn't know that about it. I prefer local multiplayer for fighting games and, in general, arcade games. That's why i'm building a compendium of shumps, fighting games, etc. on a computer that which i'll hook up to my TV and use GameEX for a arcade-like front end.
  3. I've been searching for a couple of days now. I have two questions, if anyone would answer, i would appreciate it deeply. Firstly, is there any Neo Geo console emulator out there? I've only found its arcade counterparts such as Kawaks, which is said to be the best neo geo arcade emulator, but unfortunately i don't know if it includes the choice to play the console versions of the games. Secondly, i use NeoRAGEx 5.2 for the console versions, all games on it are fluid, beautiful, but i wish to remove the games i don't need from the list (there's a list from which you choose the games once
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