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  1. So I should look for pc version? When you do your next post can you please post kof95 & kof 98 I keep getting yz98-p1.160 file for kof 98. And kof 95 just need the alternate set I have downloaded these several times and keep getting the same version. Thank Again John
  2. Did ya check out sidekicks4 it doed not list. Bear in mine I am just trying to help. So both are fine to use, just a few changes on crc's, I understand. I just figured you want to know if there was a bug/problem just trying to be constructive. Thanks John
  3. Ok but what are the differences. I have noted a couple. They both seem to play banned games so what was the point for having 2 progs.
  4. It seems I have 2 different versions. One by itself on the newsgroups I cannot remmember who posted. The one I call plus is actually I am assuming your post with FAB-X plus banned games meant and plus versions, the other was downloaded with just kof2003, I do not remember the poster. When I compare with hex editing program they are different. I wish I knew more how to hex edit. That being said the the one I assume was yours does not list ssideki4 but the other does, svcpl/ svc plus plays with yours but the other version needs different rom./crc's. Since they both read Beta 4 V0.2.94.97 is a little confusing. Maybe this why there confusing questions from different people.
  5. What is the difference between FBA-X and FBA-X plus. I discoved FBA-X-plus does not list ssideki4 And FBA-X Plays the banned games kof2003, ms5, so what is the difference. Just trying to educate myself. Thanks John
  6. I just checked they are named the same as I see in the preview folder. John Prican25 - It should be named sngoku3n now it's working and I changed the.png. But I don't get super sidekick 4 anybody have any idea's why it may not list ( ssideki4 )?
  7. My 2 cents keep up the good work, don't let idiots make your decision whether or not to continue, if I was snk/playmore I would fan the flames to keep all you guys down. GREAT EMULATOR I thank you and I am sure there many other's John
  8. They do not seem to show up on the list. Thanks John
  9. I question, how do I save the region settings? (FBA-X) It seems it always starts in Japan mode. Thank You John Thanks Prican25 Another question I am having problems with kof 95 + kof98 but kof98 is asking for a strange file yz98-p1.160 I never seen a file like this. Thanks Again John
  10. Says it is loading n (upper right) Cant' find m Yes that's wierd considering Kawa-Plus loads it. So now there are 2 games Kawa-Next does not play, but so far that is all after all my testing. Prican25: In reading in your other posts I see there will be no choice but to use at least 2 emulators, and now that I see there are different versions of svc chaos ( I have been fixing roms instead of playing I never noticed), it now has become and non issue for the holy grail of one emulator, I now have a better understanding. bangbead works fine in other versions. Try it out you will see what i mean. I also think Hex will be the first with KOF2k3. Thanks for the help John
  11. Ok I have used Hex great emulator, Kawa-X of course, but the fact that Kawa-Next plays all but this one rom is terrific. To be honest I will use any emulator that's plays them all! So is there a fix for this problem! To the people who have made Hex version why don't you guys put out your version with all the games in one emulator. That is by far a greatest feature. Regardless terrific work, keep it up! John Vermillion:All the bannned games work perfectly except for ROTDN. The health bars are completely missing, amd yes they do have a (+) next to each game. And since my post I dicovered bangbead/bngbeadn does not work, hangs on m (1f537f74) CRC tells me it is C1 weird, it says it is loading n(top right). Also I believe Kawa-next is cixxior's version. This program is close to being perfect, 2 games away and alphabetical order was a nice touch. DugFreez:Just to shed some clairty, I know I can play the game with an alternate programs, my question is about Kawa-Next and my goal is to get all the roms to work with ONE program. So far ROTDN & bangbead are a problem. SenatorIvy: No Comment
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