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  1. I come back and what the hell is this? Erm... I like... it?
  2. Dem cats. I have no idea what I'm doing. Also, I'm here.
  3. Yes, yes it has. The game itself is very good as well
  4. It's a bit late, but Happy New Year 2013 to everyone.
  5. Kawaks doesn't even support these games to begin with (and most likely won't as long as MAME doesn't produce something runnable let alone playable). King of Fighters works with Demul (or rather, it's Atomiswave part), so use that. You can forget about King of Fighters XII altogether for the time being.
  6. Very nice. Good to know you're looking out for us and this place.
  7. The avatar is quite... erm, boobish. I like it.
  8. Truly great news. Many people expected ePSXe to be dead in the water before the status update about 1.8.0 went live.
  9. I don't want to see this site go, I've been here forever. Then again, I can't offer any advice on what to do to get this place the way it was.
  10. I want to go see this movie, I'm just afraid that the movie falls short of my expectations.
  11. Both Demons Souls and Dark Souls are old-school bitchingly hard. Sure, there are many patterns one can exploit/use to make things easier, but both are still hard. I didn't get very far in Demon's Souls... perhaps I should try Dark Souls, even though I know it's going to hand me my ass.
  12. As far as I know, NTSC games no not have a 50/60Hz switch... why would they need one? The PAL version has such a switch.
  13. In truth, Okami pushes the PS2 hardware quite a bit. Anyway, what do you mean by "ripped"?
  14. Prometheus. Liked it very much, being an Alien fan and all.
  15. I don't know, maybe I just suck at Killzone. I feel more at home with FPSes with more "balls-to-the-wall" approach, like Bulletstorm, and to a degree F.E.A.R -- although F.E.A.R. is mor eakin to Killzone. Perhaps I don't like FPSes that emphasis the use of cover and storming from place to place as much. Towards the end Killzone turn into a slaughterfest, with me being on the receiving end. I'm stuck in this one portion just (I guess) near the end. The parts with the near invincible gatling gun mooks were also rage-inducing for me.
  16. I actually like Killzone 3 better. Enemy AI is more tolerable, and no more endless waves of mooks until you get past a certain trigger. Not that Killzone 2 is bad, it's just very difficult for me.
  17. Dead Silence. Creepy, makes you afraid of ventriloquist dolls quite easily.
  18. If you're going with Shuffle! and can stick with it for some time, you learn to be creeped out (and not just by a little) by "Boxcutter Kaede".
  19. As much of a stupid reason it is, I play because of the girls. Storyline second. Since the stories can be very heavy emotionally, It's difficult for me to play some of the more drama-heavy routes. Still, the storylines do have a big draw, especially with Shuffle! and AIR. All of he big sims have have full voice acting, and many of the actors are well known in the japanese anime/video game industry.
  20. The main problem with playing dating sims in general is that the genre as a whole couldn't get more japanese, including almost every single game being in japanese + the whole concept of a dating sim game simply doesn't fly in the west. Having said that, time to answer this question: Anything Key Visual Arts makes comes to mind. Their works are more or less the Platinum Standard of dating sims and visual novels, both in Japan and in the West among fans. The holy trio of games being AIR, Clannad and Kanon. Very emotionally involving, and excellent story-wise. YMMV, of course. Other heavy hitters are Konami (Tokimeki franchise), Aquaplus (ToHeart, Utawarerumono, White Album, Tears/Tiara), Navel (Shuffle!, Soul Link, We Without Wings) and TYPE-MOON (Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, Garden of Sinners) -- Fate/Stay Night being bigger than anything in Japan. Also note: some hentai is involved. Often both hentai and non-hentai versions of the same visual novel exist. Surely, many dating sim games from smaller studios (which are many) cater to every fetish one can think of, and as a genre, quality ranges from quick cash grabs to the likes mentioned above. Dating sims are pretty much the only reason the PS2 still sees releases in Japan. As far as western efforts go, I don't really know about those with the exception of one: Katakawa Shoujo, with is very tastefully and well done.
  21. Ninja Gaiden 3 and Yakuza 4. NG3 doesn't deserve all the hate it gets, although some of the complaints are entirely valid.
  22. I'm fond of bad movies. The more hammy, the better.
  23. Trine 2 is not really indie, but ok. Waiting for Devil May Cry HD Collection, Yakuza 4 and Ninja Gaiden 3 to get here. Fighting through Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 in the meantime.
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