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  1. Just wondering if there's a .dat file [or if the text can simply be put in a reply] for Metal Slug 2, that will allow me to pick what weapon I have. In MS1, you can pick between the hand gun, heavy machine gun, flame shot, shotgun, and rocket launcher. I saw something for MS3, with the selecting of the weapons, but haven't been able to find it for MS2? Just wondering if anyone has/knows. BTW, I'm using winkawaks.
  2. I finally found a solution. I found a YouTube video showing someone playing with Igniz [may have been Zero, but sure it was Iggy]. In the video's description, there's a link to the [mod'd?] KOF2001 Rom, and it seems it can only be played in a version of NeoRageX. The character select screen features Igniz, Zero, and all of Zero's strikers...and they can only be used as such. If you play as either of them, and keep the rest to the strikers, then you get the edit ending, where K' talks about how the KOF winners have set him free from NESTS. If you're looking to play as the bosses, and want to beat the game, without the game crashing, looking for that YouTube video's where to start.
  3. I have KOF 94 - 2003, and in all of them, I can play as the bosses. In 94, when I beat Rugal, it simply plays the Ikari ending. On 95 and 2003 [unless there's a combo I don't know of], I get the edit endings. Goenitz has his own ending in 96. Orochi, I just team him with Kyo and Shingo. 98: Rugal, Vice, Mature. 99: Krizald with either Kyo or Iori; if I set it to Team, and solo Krizald Form 2, I can sometimes get the K' team. 2000: Zero with either Kula or Kyo+Iori...cool trick is to have Ramon, and use Neo & Geo as Maniac Strikers. Call them at the start of the match against Zero, and just keep walking back. He'll be stuck in a loop, just trying to kick. You draw, and win, with your other team mates, or, you use a full screen fireball the last 2 or so seconds, and do tick. 2002: There are no endings, but I like Rugal. HOWEVER, in 2001, it goes nuts. If I use DIPS, after the 1st fight [sometimes second], it just freezes. When using Original Zero, I can sometimes have O. Zero or Igniz as my foes, and the game freezes. If I use Igniz, I can usually get to the blip cut scene, but then, I'll refight fight 6, and the game will just loop. 2001 can't be the only KOF where I can't play as the bosses, and win the game. can it? I'm using "the alternate set." Do I need another rom, or can one simply not beat the game with the bosses?
  4. I think I've found some, for any who are interested: Emulator Cheats • View forum - Other Arcade Emulators - Cheats & Requests Kawaks Cheats v1.62 - EmuCR
  5. Strangly, I have this, only with G:MOTW, as well. I'm using Winkawks. I click games > NeoGeo Setting > Dip Switch. I've tried multiple times, to select them, but they won't stay. I've found that it will stay in the "Prototype" version, which I had found 1st. The prototype, overall, is a good version. The only real bugs are that the character story dialogues can get buggy. Otherwise, it's a good play, and if you're wanting to rip sprites (so long as it's not the endings), Prototype works well.
  6. Hi, forum! I (currently) have Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Prototype), which I play on Winkawks (personal fave for Neo-Geo, as I can use macros right off). I may look for a non-prototype in the future. Anyway, I'm looking for cheat codes (dat files) for GMOTW. I know there are codes to play as the bosses in the arcade, and I know that you just go past Rock/Terry to get Grant/Kain when set to console. I'm just trying to find any other cheats that may be available. So far, while searching, all I've found are DIP switch cheat codes. Just in case any other GMOTW fans are interested: 1-1 Unknown 1-2 Both players are Invicible 1-3 Stage select 1-4 Unknown 1-5 Unknown 1-6 Unknown 1-7 Unknown 1-8 Unknown 2-1 Easy special moves 2-2 View characters ending 2-3 Skip to next round 2-4 Unknown 2-5 Unknown 2-6 Unknown 2-7 Unknown 2-8 Unknown If anyone has an update to the DIPS, or a dat file, please feel free to share! FYI: as most of the prior Garou games, 2-1 allows you to do the S-Power with d,d+A = 2 fireballs, A. P-Power with d,d+C = 2 fireballs C. Since Garou has "extras," d,d+B = 2 fireballs B. d,d+D = 2 fireballs D.
  7. Normally, I use WinKawaks for my Capcom and SNK fighters. I have tried several versions of MAME, which have just been horrible, so I don't bother with it, anymore. I like the simple use of cheats, via the .dat files, especially for using bosses, in WinKawaks, which is why it's my prefered emulator. However, in it's list of games it supports (1.61), it doesn't seem to support KOF XI, XII. What emulator works well for these, and has a decent cheat system, so I can opt for the bosses, when I want. Also, does anyone know where I can find a cheat code that has (at least) the "player select" in it for these?
  8. I recently downloaded Rival Schools, but need help, finding an emulator to play it. My fave, WinKawaks, doesn't, nor does Nebula. I also tried Raine, Final Burn, and even Calice. The only one that will sort of run Rival Schools is MAME, but it runs so slow, that just trying to do a simple punch, takes about 5 seconds from the time I push the button to the punch actually coming out! Does anyone know of an emulator that actually runs Rival Schools well?
  9. Check out this site! http://web.tiscali.it/bisigo/emulation/emulation.html It has a zip file, with a lot of .dat files (cheat files). Simply right-click, explore, and copy the msh .dat files into the cheats folder of your emulator. This includes Anita for MSH!
  10. it makes me think of the beats of rage engine...
  11. I, myself, prefer winkawaks. The simple reason is that I can use Macros, to assign super moves to one key, something that isn't in the versions of MAME I've used.
  12. Hi, everyone! I have winkawaks159. I got the nebulaCHEATS from Haggar's site. There's cheats that I've enjoyed messing with. However, it only has the cheat for Onslaught's first form. Is there either a dat file, or text for the 2nd form, that I can copy-paste into the existing dat file?
  13. http://haggar.pocketheaven.com/index.php?files=8 If you find other cheats you may post them here. While I never use cheats in Kawaks (and rarely anywhere else), I'm sure others will appreciate it. Woosh, woosh! (I recall some version of Joe Higashi saying that...) Well, for me, the main reason I want these cheats is so I can play as the bosses! Ever since Akuma became a secret playable character, and later, Ryo in Fatal Fury Special, I've always loved the hidden/boss characters! Glad this is still here! My pc got zapped, and it turns out I didn't back my newer Kwaks and codes. This is a life saver!
  14. Ok. So now bosses from 94 - 03 are now available! I did not create any of these, I am just putting everything in one central location, so that no other noobs will become as annoying as me! 94 - 97, 99 - 00 via DIPS, minus Orochi. 98: Set Kawaks to Console. Put the cursor over Rugal, push Start, and Boss Rugal is available! 2002: Go to Yashiro, and push left, or Goro, and push down, and Boss Rugal is available! Dips (read my above post, fellow noobs, if you need help on how to use DIPs): 94: 1-4, 2-6 Play as Rugal. Enter the Dip codes during the "How To Play." Then, press Up during character select to choose him. Note: During "Team Order" with Rugal, you can choose to be "Full Powered" by pushing left or right, and he will stop moving. Push A. Do this again to "select your second player." If you mess up, and you loose as normal Rugal, you'll go into the change and then fight as "Full Powered." 95: 1-3 Allows you to play as Saishu Kusanagi and Omega Rugal. Notes: For code 1-3 to play as Saishu and Rugal you need to enter the Dip Code on the 'How To Play' screen. Once you've selected Saishu and Rugal, Turn the Dip off. 96: 1-3 Disable timer, Display coordinates and Goenitz and Chizuru now selectable. (Notes:To make the code for Goenitz and Chizuru work, You need to turn on the Dip at the 'How To Play' screen. You can either leave this on or off for the extras features this dip offers.) 97: 1-3 Unlocks Orochi Chris, Shermie, Yashiro, Iori & Leona. Notes:For code 1-3 to play as the Orochi characters, you need to enter the Dip Code on the 'How To Play' screen. Once you've selected your team, Turn the Dip off. For Orochi, download the Cheat File from http://wzus.ask.com/r?t=p&d=us&s=a.../emulation.html For me, all I did was unzip kof97.dat, so that I could use Orochi, who's my fave boss! 99: 1-3 Stops timer, Play as Krizalid + 2-3 Human player is invincible, Play as Krizalid Notes: To play as either versions of Krizalid you have both Dips 1-3 and 2-3 turned on at the 'How to Play Screen'. Once you're on the player select screen, Highlight either K' or Maxima, Press and Hold Start and then press any button to get version 1 of Krizalid or press and hold select then press any button to play as version 2. Once you have selected him, Turn the Dips off and resume normal play. FYI: Select refers to whatever key you have in Kawaks as "Insert Coin." I usually have 1 (above Q) for start, and 2 (above W) as Select/Insert Coin. 00: 1-3 Play as Zero. Notes: To play as Zero you need to have Dip 1-3 on when you're on the player select screen. When this is on, Highlight Kula Diamond, Hold Start and press down to select Zero. Once you have selected him, Turn the Dip off. 01: Already covered in this Topic! 03: Go here http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...w=&st=& There you go! When future versions of KOF become available, please post the methods to pick those bosses, if it's via DIPs, Holding Start on a character, or a Cheat! I want to thank everyone who's helped, been patient, and provided links!
  15. Ok. Hopefully no one's getting too annoyed with me asking all these questions, but I have another set. What is Trance referring to "Haggar's site." Where can I find, either posts or sites with various Neo-Geo (Kawaks) cheats. I google Neo Geo as well as King of Fighters cheats, and all I can find are links to Game Faqs, and other gaming sites talking about stuff such as a Playstation version. Linx, pwease?
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