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  1. so id better go out and get it then! It is worth the $60, It plays identical to the pc version and every game has the developers commentary on it (If you want it on) well ican get it for £30 dont know what that is in$ might as well give the online play a try!
  2. i think emulation on the 360 is gonna be a while yet i actually started a topic about it!
  3. well i can tell you this much raiden fighters 2 2000 chinese bootleg works on hk$ version only thing is you dont get the music just sound effects but it dosent put you off.it plays really well! ive got a 64meg xbox and raiden fighters1 i cant get to load not enough memory i think!for decoding the graphics. raiden fighters2 single board i get not enough memory same as raiden 1. raiden fighters jet-boots no problem but just lets you see the game demo want let you play again a memory issue. sengeki strikers cashes in ram/rom screen. any miracles that you could maybe do about this i know its asking a lot!especially when its the 0.84 core! custom soundtrack on the game selection screen would be awsome
  4. yeah i know this 1 guy kept sending pms about 4 times each day it was i never pmd him back as id already answered his question!
  5. double post i know! ill post this news over at x-scene and get the ball rolling over there and get some suggestions and ideas started.
  6. i am just glad that you are still working on this project. I cant tell you how difficult it is sometimes with about 30 different emulators out there. I will wait for fumanchu to start the link but i will compile a list and features from folks that would be ideal for this project. But quick question...is the official name for mamedox platinum 2 called arcades? They are the same thing right? I just dont want to go out looking for another file. Sorry for the stupid question. no mamedox platinum2 is just that! this will another great package with possible new features so lets get it on!
  7. so what new ideas have you been working on yourelf for this package any surprises!
  8. whens gc gonna show himself im still waiting. ive got my picture ready but wheres his cmon (mamedox arcades coming soon)
  9. ok everybody britneyspairs is working on a new mamedox package for the xbox! under the new name mamedox arcades! so what ideas can you give him for this new package that he is working on. ie rom requests layout ie options etc in other words how would you like this package to be the most accessible and have the best features. so lets get the ball rolling, personally i would love to see sengeki strikers and the raiden fighters trilogy on mamedox! i know britneyspairs has had problems in the past with these games drivers but i would love to see it happen! also it would be good to maybe have some sort of custom soundtrack in the main menu! even when the game is loading coz it can take a few minutes for games to load on mamedox! ps britneyspairs mamedox platinum rockx cmon everybody get those ideas in and lets see if we can help make this the best mamedox yet!
  10. halleluah woohoo! where have you been dont worry ill make anew thread like right now best news of the xbox year!
  11. was just checking a couple of my emus just now fbaxxx and sureallxxx i noticed that those image files were in a folder called previews. maybe you could try changing the name of the screenshots folder to previews. you could try deleting the images you had originally with the emu ie just move them out of the emu and then just having the images you downloaded.
  12. speaking of high res on emus! has anyone ever tried an hdmi cable with the original xbox just wondering if it would be worth the purchase!
  13. radiant silvergun finally completed thank chuff!
  14. best sandwich filing ever salad ham crisps(potato chips) mayonnaise thats me feeling hungry again
  15. i couldnt have said it any better 9times out of10 most people are alright. but theres always one who likes to be difficult.but hey life goes on
  16. ok ive finally got xmugen working! after a lot of hastle finally its up and running.400 characters but not a lot of stages yet. soon solve that little problem. ps the mugen rocks i dont know why more people dont get into this!
  17. whats the name of the nes emu u are using? so your gonna build a cab for your xbox ive seen a few of those cabs on youtube they look really smart is the cost gonna be a lot for that or is it cheaper than i mght be thinking? ps some emulators want accept art (screenshot/images). so what are you saying did you delete the old png image files first then add your own? or did you just add the files you had to the existing picture/image folder?
  18. ive got half life 2 on the xbox already! is it worth me buying this whole package for the 360!
  19. i just checked my list just now as well never realised it was missing. i remember a while back reading a thread in which. somebody asked about adding roms and im sure britneyspairs(the guy who put this package together) said that it was possible but you had to change i think the ini file (which is way above my head those sortof things) britneyspairs sometimes answers questions about mamedox in this forum so he might give you an answer! there is mamedox1.1 which allows you add whichever roms you want and im sure it also comes with a screenshot image for each game you could try that maybe just download mamedox1.1 and add the roms from mamedox platinum to it and possibly move all the screenshot images from platinum to mamedox. mamedox platinum is a more user friendly package compared to mamedox1.1 and mameox 128plus! dont know if thats any help to you but it might worth getting a hold of mamedox1.1 and trying it out!
  20. Alot of 2d side-scrolling fighting games had the really hard to kill boss, Final Fight I remember was the worst for cheap shots yeah he was tough. i always hated the lavel boss on the prominard stage remember the guy used to charge up his face would gored and hed basically clothesline ye.he always got me!
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