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  1. geussing you werent a tekken fan? there is a small rumour going around that tekken6 will appear on the 360! but ill believe it when i see it!
  2. another idea,i know you can put the games list in different genres. so could you do this with the different genres of games ie shmup,beatmup,platform each genre with the accompying gameslist and with their own custom skin and the screenshot at the side like you usually have. and maybe use the back L and R buttons to choose the different genre. even the favourites section could be accessed from thr LandR triggers! dont bother having all the games on 1 list here would be an easy to use and accessible method! what do you think?
  3. any of you guys or gals played any of the new sega arcade machines? house of the dead 4 afterburner climax virtua fighter 5 sega rally tv exzeal havent seen any of these in my local arcade yet!!! so are they any good?
  4. ok thats no problem.have you been over to xbox scene yet,coz there has been a few comments left by some of the guys over there. ps do you want some more rom suggestions and were those roms i posted yesterday of any use to you??
  5. bryan fury i hope thats a joke! ryu all the way!!!
  6. See?! nobody knows WTH your talking about. and why can't you post a link or something? its a movie about people who think their funny!!
  7. your missing out big time!!!
  8. "luke i am your father" what hes your dad flock me!!!!! so whats yours!!!!!!!!
  9. doom3 on xbox play it in the dark scares the crap out of me!!!
  10. well you can still have the vertical picturs maybe some king of shooter skins for the sides coz obviousy it is mostly shooters.you see that alot in ps2 shooters ie dodonpachi 3 and ibara that would look really good. just 1 skin for the sides for all the vertical screenshots. could you have the option of having a list and a single screen with the romname and screenshot as background.or would that be too much? personally if i did have the choice then i would have the single rom screenshot style but obviously include all your features.ive seen a few mame cabs with this and it just looks good well i think anyway what do you think britneyspairs?
  11. some more roms that should be playable on mamedox. neo geo last hope-side scrolling shooter that came out last year.the rom has been dumped,but i havent had the chance to try it. ninja masters-1996 1on1 beat emup sengoku 2-side scrolling beat emup panic bomberman-bomberman neo geo style 1994. cps2 cyberbots full metal madness-1995 1on1 beat emup with mechs streetfighter zero2alpha-1996 an upgrade from alpha2 with extra characters and features to find. super sreetfighter2x grand master challenge-1994 toaplan batsugun-vertical shooter 1993 gaia crusaders-side scrolling beat emup 1999 would it be possible to get sengeki strikers working.its on the same arcade hardware as cyvern. sengeki strikers looks an excellent shooter!ill post some more tommorow
  12. werent a lot of drivers added that were beyond 0.84 anyway eg cps2 and neogeo. to run games like progear and king of fighters 2000-2003?
  13. consoles i used to own. sga master system genesis gameboy (best handheld ever) gamegear gba super nintendo psx 1 commodore 64 this is how i got into emulation.you forget just how good a lot of these machine were and in a lot of cases still are.its just good to bring these systems back from the dead!
  14. just a couple of roms that inoticed were missing from mamedox platinum2 which would be playable on mamedox1.1 gradius 1and2 strikers 1945 2 salamander 2 battle bakraid. double dragon 3 the rossetta stone. also would it be possible to have each rom diplayed as a single item with the screenshot of the game taking up the background it would look awsome. ive seen a few mame cabs with this option,basically the name of the rom and a screenshot of the game basically taking up the whole screen!
  15. xboxrobot i dont know if you got my pm or not but the answers you are looking for are on page 2!
  16. thats quite a list- streetfighter1 you need the 128mb ram upgrade memory issue. streetfighter 3-have you not got cpx3. golden axe duel -ive never tried that rom on hks biuld ill try it out.its on stv hardware cant see the i would say it would run to slw but ill give it a go. strder2 psx arcade hardware ive played that one on hks biuld runs very slow i usually turn off the sound and speeds it up slightly. ive been trying think of some features as well.i was trying out mamedox platinum2 today but the interface is so easy to use that i really cant think of anything just now!
  17. ok thats the post up on x scene so lets what ideas comes out .you got any suggestions so far xboxrobot?
  18. speaking of high res on emus! has anyone ever tried an hdmi cable with the original xbox just wondering if it would be worth the purchase! It's not worth the buy, there's no difference ok thanks for the shout!
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