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  1. yeah im the same great for emulation.ive got all the emulators you mentioned been playing a lot of surreal64 lately! sin and punishment fzerox-a nuts racer! hell ive even got a c64 emu and the atari2600 emu whatever you do dont play e.t. on that emu the worst game ever made! actually a little bit more back on topic i always wondered that because the 360 is backwards compatible with original xbox,if there was some way to reverse engineer that side of the 360 so that it could run all the original xboxs apps and emus. and if that was possible then maybe you could then utilise the 360s horsepower to then start improving those emulators and apps through some sort of exploit possibly.this is all hearsay of course it will get cracked eventually. will just have to play the waiting game!
  2. hi everyone! ive had a psp for a while now and i downgraded the firmware myself to version 1.5. ive got cps2psp emulator with progear excellent shooter.ive tried megadrive and snes emulation on the psp worked fine for me.but what iwant to know is how is mame on psp coming along. does it play just the really old style games or is stuff like mortal kombat and the streetfighter alpha games playable! retro forever
  3. so what apps you got bambi! have you got emulators on your xbox or do you use it as a media centre! a lot more people nowadays seem to hold onto their xboxs just xbox media centre! personaly i think xbmc is akiller app.i also run mame on my xbox mamedox platinum and mameox128plus and of course cpx3 finally streetfighter3 arcade style! i mean right now the xbox is the best machine for modding espaecially all the homebrew and applications!
  4. damn!i forgot about streetfighter!doh! ok in that case streetfighter is my beat em up of choice,i remember phantasy star online wasnt it very slow because back then if i remember it was all dial up connection! remember playing it and it was to slow when you went online or maybe that was just me!
  5. hi everyone just a topic i wnted to start up! getting a 360 shortly , the 360 been around for a while now but no ones been able to fully crack this baby yet. i know you can flash it and play backups.But the real potential is in what this machine could do with all that extra processing power! the original xbox was barely out six months when it was fully hacked and playing homebrew ie emulaters and different dashboards..... anyway if the 360 does get fully cracked,i think we would see a great new homebrew scene.personally i cant wait for mame on 360. afew months ago there was a guy who wanted to remain annonymous who had mame360(well thats what he called it)running on a 360 development kit but he never took it any further for fear of the microsoft demon! so what do you guys and gals think do you want homebrew on your 360 and what sort of homebrew are you waiting for!
  6. hey eveybody! i fired up the old dreamcast last night,and i forgot just how good a system it is. so whats your favourite dreamcast games in the different genres. heres mines. racing-daytona usa,better than arcade daytona weel ithink!where is daytona2 shmups-under defeat-an absolutly brilliant shooter!better than zero gunner2 and thats saying something! beat emup-well im gonna go with soul caliber,personally i dont think 2 and 3 bettered it! adventure/rpg-skies of arcadia nuff said. sports-virtua tennis2-best two player sports game around. so whats yours!
  7. What problem do you have with 1Emulation? i think hes talking about porn sites judging by the removed link at the bottom.
  8. i totally agree.ive beeen looking around a few forums im only joined to one other. but this ones the best! just a bunch of cool people here!
  9. hi everyone tell me something whats the point in helping some people if all your gonna get is crap thrown back at you! i reguraly post on another emulation site,trying to help out people who are just stating up in emulation specifically to do with the xbox1. i try and help this guy who was having problems with mame on xbox i answer his questions the best way i can. then after about 3 weeks hes got 3 messages in my inbox asking the exact same thing.i mean id already answered this idiots question in the forum! then today ive got a personal message from him basically sayiny"go xxxx yourself" so what is the point of even trying to help i know everyone is not like this but its just annoying that some people want to say"JUMP" and they expect you to say how hi! well ive got that off my chest any of you guys out there sometimes get the same problems from people like that!
  10. quick update- getting my new 360mmmmmmmmmmmm thinking about the 3red lights of deathaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
  11. that would be deathadder you were fighting he is one tough biatch!
  12. well i know that the xbox had only one lightgun game and that was house of the dead3! there was an official lightgun released and 2 third party lightguns. as far i know there isnt any other light gun games for the xbox1 unlee anyone knows any different.
  13. i just presumed it would be coming out on 360 coz of all the earlier stories tat were floating about the internet. i cant see why it wouldnt come out sega seems to be a bit more multiformat with their bigger releases these days.virtua fighter5 was meant to be a ps3 exclusive but there it is on 360 first and a better version. sega rally revo is available on 360 and ps3 so i think house of the dead4 could be a multi release as well just me speculating of course.
  14. master system-wonderboy 3 nes-super mario bros 3 gameboy-contra gameboy advance-super ghouls n ghosts megadrive(genesis)-strider snes-contra 3 best game ever mega cd-final fight 32x-afterburner defenitive version welli think atari lynx-double gragon saturn-soukyraintai(terra driver) psx1-tekken 3 ps2-dodonpachi dai ja jou xbox-house of the dead 3 xbox 360-?ill tell you soon enough! ps3-?
  15. a new gradius on the 360!cmon konami! loved gradius 5 so hopefully konami might get teasure to do a nomero 6
  16. ok im definetly getting an xbox 360 but what i want to know is what arcade style games are there out there for it i need suggestions! im not talking xbox live downloads,but actual arcade conversions/arcade style gameplay. ive done the fps games to death on other systems time to get back to what i enjoy most. i know afterburner clima,house of the dead4 are coming out apparently 360 exclusives. sega rally looks excellent! raiden4 is gonna be good! so anymore i need to know about?
  17. powerstone 2 is an excellent title anyone tried under defeat on dreamcast just came out last year! if you like games like raiden3 or raiden fighters or any of those type of games youll love this gunstar heroes another excellent title.Anyone tried gunstar heroes on the gba its a whole new gunstar game they say its quite a short game and not as good as the original! ps another hidden gem soukerantia(terra driver) a brilliant saturn shooter!
  18. matchbox 20 new album jimmy eat world big casino rockin
  19. that will do me i know what game im buying next thanks bambers
  20. yeah i remenber viper! just cant make it work on mameox 128plus suppose raiden fighters 2000 about as close as im gonna get to that one
  21. hey guys and gals! was searching through mamedox yesterday just seeing if i could find any hidden gems when ifound this game called gratia or gradiasomething like that anyhoo when looking at the amount of games that have emulated in mame,fba,zsnes or whatever emulator! what hidden gems have you found that you have goneback to and nobody else would ever think about playing? ps by the way gratia is a great shooter!
  22. well that looks um not sure what to make of that.....
  23. assault heroes never heard of it! what console was that on? XBox Live Arcade well ill have to have agoogle search and find out about this one. gimme contra any day!
  24. yeah i think i know what your saying. but sega rally is just an out and out arcade racer compared to forza and a lot of other racing games that around just now.rallys gameplay would feel a bit more simplistic! how about graphics are they up there with the best of them or are they also lagging behind!
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