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  1. Hey BS, What did you think of my suggestions below? I have been busy with personal stuff and forgott to ask if it was possible. - is there a way to make the the screen adjustable for specific games. Like techmo bowl. Its this long strip when you play it. It would be a hassle to keep adjusting and re-adjusting back to make it fit the screen when you play other games. - is there anyway to add another color as far as favorites. Maybe if we push the favorites button again then it would be green. THis way i can make all my favorites yellow and my neice green. So i would have three different
  2. Here is a list that was compiled from other folks that would love to get games accessable. From what i understand they should work with HK but i am not 100 sure. let me know if you need the list formatted differenty. Personal Favorites simpsons 2 player game time killers Dragon Ball Z V.R.V.S. Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z 2 Super Battle judge dredd jurassic park king of monsters sokonuke taisen game stakes winner stakes winner 2 street fighter (first one) street fighter the move (if possible) street fighter III terminator 2 the rest 3 count bout alex kidd area 51 art of fighting 1 a
  3. Hi everyone. I recently acquired 2 x-arcade solo joystick with only 1 xbox adapter. I was wondering if anyone has been successfull in getting these to work with only 1 adapter. I read somewhere that someone tried a splitter but did not post back the results. Its basically though two keyboards but i am not sure how that works with the xbox. Thanks for the help!
  4. I have a list going on including a suggestion as far as features. I will list them sometime today after i put them together and check which ones already work with mame platinum 2. Just a heads up.
  5. great idea! i will add a bunch of stuff at the other link when i get home from work. he he he
  6. i am just glad that you are still working on this project. I cant tell you how difficult it is sometimes with about 30 different emulators out there. I will wait for fumanchu to start the link but i will compile a list and features from folks that would be ideal for this project. But quick question...is the official name for mamedox platinum 2 called arcades? They are the same thing right? I just dont want to go out looking for another file. Sorry for the stupid question.
  7. i found an old atari cabinet on ebay. It was pick up only at my local area and i was able to buy it from him for only 10 dollars. I then bought a tv ($25 craigslist) and took that apart and added it. So now all i need to do is set up my xbox and all the configurations. Plus saving up for the x-arcade joystick. So i guess it wasnt too bad. The emulator is called fceultra. I downloaded some screenshots for nes emulators and the package contained pictures of the orginal boxes the game came from. The files were png files and was zipped named after the rom. So i ftp'd my xbox and moved all the p
  8. thanks for all the help. I have been searching hours and days and figure i should just go to the source. I pm'd him and ill wait to see if i get a reply. On another note..do you happen to know how to add screenshots to nes emulator for the xbox. I have the original box art for the nes games that are in png format, but the emulator wont seem to accept them. Then i noticed that the original ones in the xbox are in folders with the png files named .0001. any clue?
  9. thanks for the help. Its just a hassle since i was planning on building an arcade for my xbox and it will be difficult for me to change the controller port. Do you know of a link where i can find out how to manipulate these files? I am really impress with mamedox platinum 2 but some of the games like time killers does not show up on my list. Which is one of my all time favorites! Google likes to spit out non helpful links.
  10. Hello...im not too new but i cant find any helpful faq on this emulator. I am trying to get simpsons the 2 player game to work on it but i can only get the 4 player to work. Can someone show me the direction to get info on how to add more roms. I read somewhere about a possibility of a patch but was unable to find it. THanks for the future help!
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