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  1. yeah thanks bonus jz tried that was a bit better. just slightly offtopic downloaded your cpx3 skin and mameox128plus skin. you did a great job
  2. ok guys and gals time for ablast from the past we had the spectrum c64 and all the 8bit machines. then the master system and the nes. but for me really the only time i have really been blown away was the first time i got a genesis was heavy into arcades back then so was always craving for a machine that could deliver arcade quality graphics. the c64 and master system(sega) as good as they were never really did for me intil the genesis came along fresh from the importers fired it up stuck on ghoulsnghosts and whenever i heard that music start it was wow couldnt believe what i was seeing first true arcade experience but then the snes came along great as it was never gave me that same feeling when i first loaded up final fight. so what was the one gaming moment be it console gaming or pc gaming. what was that one game that you never forgot and couldnt believe what you were seeing
  3. forgotten worlds great shooter ghoulsnghosts brill eswat first experience of the megadrive(genesis) was being the first one in my area to have one. imported from japan cost a ruddy fortune chuff me
  4. lets see he was spamming viagra and he got shot. geussing the guns werent firing blanks if you know what i mean.
  5. yeah that would be good dont think there is much of a chance of it working though. prove me wrong anyone!!!!!!!! oh yeah if your gonna use that lightgun use bendermameox better lighgun calibration. mameox128plus a little bit glitchy for my liking but neither of them are totally perfect.
  6. yeah ive tried that i didnt really notice much difference but maybe thats just me. dont really think there is much else you can really do.
  7. hi everyone had this great emulator for a while now and just wondering if there is a way to get warzard alittle bit faster. i know there is heavy zooming in warzard which slows the frame rate. but just wondering if anyone has any tips to get alittle bit more speed out of this great game. thanks as always
  8. garou pulstar kof2003 metal slug3..........
  9. remember the first time i got strider on the megadrive imported from japan god that game was good and still is i still think its better than the arcade version the music was chuffin great
  10. hey everyone ive got xmugen on disc but my xbox wont even read the disc so i think i will just ftp the files. but got a couple of questions before i do it. i have an older bios on my xbox evo6.ej just wondering if that will actually run xmugen feom hardrive. and do i need some sort of linux loader on the hardrive like gentoox or fatx. i know all the files i have on the disc are all the right ones so if anyone can help that would be great. i dont have linux on my hardrive at the moment xbox is chipped with evox as main dash.also have unleashx as backup dash.also generation1 modchip so cant flash differnt bios. have a good one
  11. i have heard this as well never tried bendermameox i know the madcatz dosent work on lcd i should know just tried the gun a few days ago think you shoud be ok with that one how much does it retail for
  12. just download an older version of fbaxxx. i got mines about 2 years ago streetfighter alpha2 and well everything works without any glitches.
  13. hi everyone just wondering if anyone knows if there is going to be any updates this year of mamedox or mameox128 plus? havent heard anything from britneyspairs or hk$ for a while been pretty quiet. so anyone got any news
  14. under defeat,ikaruga,zero gunner2,gigwing2,soul calibur,crazy taxi,borderdown,streetfighter3 third,karous,mars matrix,garou maek of the wolves, king of fighters99 dream match, capcom vs snk2,marvel vs capcom2....................and on and on and on i could mention a great system old before its time
  15. hi everyone. been into emulation for about 5 years started on the good old reamcast then moved onto the xbox1 best console ever for emulation. been looking around emulation sites for along time then i discovered this one its one of the best sites that i have benn a member of so lets keep it rockin be good to each other and they will be good to you(hippy)
  16. you should definetly try and download a different version of fbaxxx. or try mameox128plus if you have all the sfa2 roms then you should definitly get it to work on 1 of those emus.
  17. hi bonus jz i have the version with the sfx as well great game it is a pity there hasnt been an update. i have the 64 mb of ram as well tried messing around with the vm settings but no luck with raiden fighters1,2 and3. should maybe just be glad with raiden fighters 2000 its great. an hk$ update would be good but think it might have happened by now either way hk$ did a great job with it.
  18. hi everyone was looking at supported games text on mameox128 plus 05052006. i am thinking of downloading sengeki strikers looks a good shmup. just wondering if it is playable or crashes on my version of mameox before i download. thanks for the help.
  19. hi eveyone this is my first post at 1emulation. i have got mameox128 plus 05052006 in the old box been playing raiden fighters 2000 a lot lately. was wondering if any of the other raiden fighters games worked aka raiden fighters,raiden fighters2 and raiden fighters jet. also do you think hk$ will be making an update to one of the best mames on xbox.
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