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  1. what makes you go mmm! and what makes you go aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! nice cold bottle of beer makes me go mmmmmm! being stuck behind an old couple driving at about 10mph makes me go aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! so what makes you mmmmm!! and aaaaahhhhhhhh!! im sure fatal is gonna get amention in some of the posts in this topic!
  2. just been having alook at the stats of the new x2 hardware! im not very impressed just looks like a mid of the range pc,this hardware seems to be the hardware of choice for a few developers now there is even rumours that streetfighter4 will appear on this! god i hope know capcom do yourself a favour and use segas lindburgh(aftreburner anyone)! anyhoo games confirmed, king of fighters x11 battle fantasia samurai spirits sen king of fighters maximum impact1 and2 all of these games have been delayed till next year seems like this new hardware is the new atomiswave! so from what you have seen of this arcade hardware screenshots and demos what do you think of some of the up and coming games that are coming out!
  3. never played them either ive had a dreamcast since its first day of release best dreamcast bad guy mmm... gigawing level7 boss use up about 30 lives just to kill him!i hate him
  4. ive got a chicken farm about half a mile from my house! in the summertime the stink is unbearable its a clucking nightmare!
  5. hi everyone! im thinking about buying sega rally revo on the xbox 360. ive got rally on the dreamcast brilliant best racer ever!well maybe daytona! anyway anyone out there got it played it whats your opinion on it before i spend the cash!
  6. im waiting for afterburner climax on the xbox 360 and house of the dead 4 on 360! loved afterburner2 in the arcade and house of the dead2 and 3 were my favourite gun games! so cmon sega what you waiting for
  7. megadrive(genisis) worth another play the arcade board was cps1!
  8. pulstar great shooter metal slugs,king of fighters......where do you stop! garou awsome! 1
  9. was oner at gametrailers.com when i seen atrailer for the new commando game!remember commando! mercs was the second commando game and damn good it was to!anyhoo only information i could gather is that it will appear on xbox live arcade and psn. it looks like a ps2 contra game no bad thing i might add 3d graphis with 2d gameplay! bring it on!
  10. there are still a lot of arcade games not emulated in mame. think its really arcade emulation of different arcade system boards thats at the top of my chriatmas tree but thats gonna be good while yet!ohwell can always dream.
  11. ok in the emulation scene we are really spoilt for choice virtually any system can be emulated nowadays. but what emulator are you still waiting ,ieconsole or arcade hardware. personally i cant wait for sammy atomiswave to get emulated amzing roster of games!
  12. all i can say is bring it on this is going to be epic! please capcom no 3d please no!streetfighter ex anyone
  13. just beat the final boss in rtype just now that made me go oh yeah!
  14. how about all those cheesy 80s ninja films! american ninja,ninja terminator and so on,their editing was terrible and the voice over acting was hilarious. and of course the 80s tv show the master bad really bad! the worst cheese ever
  15. dont use slayersuse auto installer 4.10. slayers is for chippeed cosoles ie hardmodded. auto installer 4.10 is for softmodded/chipped.
  16. megadrive(genesis) first,snes a close second,then xbox (just because of emulation)
  17. ok guys and gals what is the hardest end of level boss youve had to beat! mines is the last boss of radiant silvergun on the saturn took forever and the first time you see him its like o my chuffinn he!! finally beat him about two days ago after soending about 4 days trying to master his attack patterns. what a biatch so whos the toughest daddy out there or mammy
  18. yes you can xmugen been around for a few years now you can download loads of screenpacks. the controllers can be configured using the joy2key option. ive got about 600 characters now just a pity i cant get this new version of xmugen up and running yet.
  19. no its just the standard xbox controllers it just seems to hang at the xmugen disclaimer screeen,where it tells you to press f1.
  20. those cards are from mean machines,they came free with an issue which reviewed the japanese release of streetfighter2 may or june91 issue i think
  21. hi everyone got a small problem just got the newest version of xmugen beta4 i think anyway it starts to boot to the black screen and the linux boots to the point where it says usb not responding error 25 something like that. but it still boots to the mugen dislaimer screen then just hangs there. any help would be appreciated
  22. yeah thanks bonus jz tried that was a bit better. just slightly offtopic downloaded your cpx3 skin and mameox128plus skin. you did a great job
  23. ok guys and gals time for ablast from the past we had the spectrum c64 and all the 8bit machines. then the master system and the nes. but for me really the only time i have really been blown away was the first time i got a genesis was heavy into arcades back then so was always craving for a machine that could deliver arcade quality graphics. the c64 and master system(sega) as good as they were never really did for me intil the genesis came along fresh from the importers fired it up stuck on ghoulsnghosts and whenever i heard that music start it was wow couldnt believe what i was seeing first true arcade experience but then the snes came along great as it was never gave me that same feeling when i first loaded up final fight. so what was the one gaming moment be it console gaming or pc gaming. what was that one game that you never forgot and couldnt believe what you were seeing
  24. forgotten worlds great shooter ghoulsnghosts brill eswat first experience of the megadrive(genesis) was being the first one in my area to have one. imported from japan cost a ruddy fortune chuff me
  25. lets see he was spamming viagra and he got shot. geussing the guns werent firing blanks if you know what i mean.
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