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  1. for easy downloading from rapidshare use jdownloader, sure you may still run into the no free slots available' for your country problem at times but just leave jdownloader to it & it'll work its way through as many links as you throw into it
  2. that wasnt a dream, you were in the matrix
  3. Actually as long as the zip is called cheat.zip & is full of xml files it should be kept zipped, perhaps its inside the cheats.zip, anyway the cheat.zip should be kept as it is in the Mame dir, there's tons of xml files with the cheats inside it & Mame reads them from .zip. If the cheats.zip has all the xml files in just rename it to take the s off the end & it should be fine.
  4. Mame's updated and brings with it a new set of tools to compile the current version & subsequent ones of course, grab em at http://mamedev.org/ as usual, just the compiler & sdl integration info
  5. 2.25 appeared the next day or so fixing a small problem
  6. maybe the fact the band have said that it is? I find that to be a bit of a clue in such things
  7. Excellent news, I was sort of rooting for the campaign to get Don't Stop Believin` which wasn't as big as the Rage one there but this ones a good un as well, certainly a blessed relief, a true xmas miracle
  8. The current one World Painted Blood is good, that's the only one I have atm so its about it for recommendation's other than if you like em why not try any of em you can lay your hands on
  9. Think that ones goes for any guy that's ever seen Jedi regardless of nerd rating
  10. I resemble that remark! both parts come to think about it
  11. chaps .135 appeared the other day & of course the usual train of other builds followed
  12. this was a far better game, with a few pitfalls for the unwary that meant death or reloading
  13. They got RC2 up now, its got more life now than its seen for many years
  14. I may be rushing to find a version of this to emulate, well not exactly rushing, but it seems so bad it must be experienced. Why do I feel the urge to try some of this crap after watching the nerds videos?
  15. I assume for the Snes ones you are referring to the clear plastic that fit on the bottom of the carts? (if so only the US ones had that) if however you meant the plastic bag that they came in (in the UK at least) then most if not all the N64 games came in them. If you meant something more along the lines of the Nes ones though I'm not sure, I think I may have seen something along those lines ages ago but can't remember any details.
  16. got a plain & c2d build up at the usual place
  17. I can't wait for the new Videogame... co-op ghostbusting? I'm sold. Unless you got a PS3 or PS2 you'll have to wait a while for it, Sony bought the rights & are making it exclusive for a few months, even the PSP one gets delayed till Autumn with the other formats at a time just described as 'later in the year'
  18. that link seems to be not working atm, this one does however
  19. Mame Plus! is updated now, now if only I could get that wolfmame to compile, hell even patching the source with the .diff would be a good start
  20. .129 is out, mameui, sdlmame source & mac versions and the info.dat are updated
  21. If it lacks Grimlock it will fail, at least to some fans
  22. It's a tricky one as the previous Surreal didn't have a powerup.exe with it, I tried an older one from an earlier release that's in the dir and it couldn't see a server atm so when it's all going to be working is anyone's guess. There are some posts in the news thread about getting a regular download up though so hopefully it'll be in our hands soon.
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