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  1. my AGEMAME binaries ( mameworld thread for them for if thats preferred)
  2. agemame is updated as are my binaries ( mameworld thread for them for if thats preferred)
  3. The .128u1 patch is up now and you'll find my binary at either here or here, MameUIFX32 is also updated as is the info.dat
  4. History.dat 1.28 is up now as is the Ubuntu SDLMame, nice to see that like me you havent fallen victim to the strange occurance of other sites listing mame plus as .128 when its still only got 127u8 on the homepage
  5. Mame Plus is updated [QtGUI]SDL integration for monitor and resolution selection[Emuman] [QtGUI]auto check ini access privilege[Emuman] updated Simplified Chinese list (0127u8_1014) [kof2112] [MAME] sync with 0.127u8 [sword] changed kof99d, kof2000d, kof2001d, mslug3d romset [flycboy] updated UI_COLOR_DISPLAY and UI_COLOR_PALETTE compiling definitions [sword] fixed NEOCPSMAME build. use make SUBTARGET=neocpspgm to compile. [sword] catlist v0.127u7 [s_bastian] removed win9x support [feedback mamep_svn_r2934] [MESS] sync with svn r3426 [sword] [MAME] sync with 0.127u7 #2 [sword] fixed names for Mahjong games [YuiFAN] updated Japanese list (jplist0127u5_0929) [mamelist jp]
  6. History.dat 1.27b now & SDLMAME for Ubuntu is up to u5 as well
  7. MameXT is updated now plain mame binary
  8. my AGEMame binaries mameworld thread for them if preferred
  9. agemame .127u2 patch my agemame binaries mameworld thread of same
  10. Yeah I used to look at it from time to time but when they started trying to make people look bad when they just didn't understand what had been written I stopped, if the person lacks basic understanding of the language they have no right to try to point out other peoples flaws (real or imagined) fair enough if its a genuine cock up I guess but simple not being able to understand the words doesn't count (not when it makes sense to every other reader)
  11. Or make a post that's perfectly OK but that the person behind that site doesn't understand, this has occurred in the past several times (note I haven't looked at the one JKKDARK mentioned at the start of this so it may fall into that category, if so disregard this)
  12. AGEMame binaries mameworld mirror
  13. The release thread has an English translation up now - Fixed several freeze or instability bugs which are caused by  some changes between beta4 and beta5.  Ver 0.230 beta5 freeze in many titles, and it is fixed. - Some minor bugs are fixed. - Improved emulation accuracy. - Added support for SPC7110 emulation.  The format of RTC file(.rtc) which includes time data of SPC7110/S-RTC  is compatible with bsnes.  SPC7110 emulation code is provided by byuu(bsnes author).  I thank him for his support and everything. * Language files for beta6 is compatible with beta5, so you can use  same language files for beta5 in beta6.
  14. XT32 & 64 are updated now and I have a plain mame binary for those that like it here
  15. agemame & ageui builds yeah I know there's an age build anyway but its habit to do one now mameworld forum mirror
  16. Mameui hit u5 but that may not matter as .127 is out now with a laserdisc game supported
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