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    doom metal, punk rock, drinking, and modding xboxes

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  1. So I went and bought a pandoras battery and mms from pandorasales.com. Has anybody here had any experience with these guys?????
  2. bought a psp 1001 wanna hack it i have some ????? do i have to use a pandoras battery my co worker has one but i hate the fucker what exactly is a magic memory stick please can i get a step by step???
  3. Word I used to live in florida and all the nazi skinheads used to wear there shirts so i payd the band no mind. after a bit i found they werent a WP band I listened to them and still found them a little to new metal for me. I dig the old scool crust punk
  4. most of the time its through the navix scripts
  5. most of the time its through the navix scripts
  6. Im having trouble with my XBMC freezing up. This usually happens when i pause for a few seconds. Im probably being lazy but it kinda sucks having to get up and restert it manually. There should be an XBMC section in the forum to discuss fixes and tweeks to XBMC. Any suggestions for dls would be great as well.
  7. I prefer Blood for Blood or Agnostic Front. You cant tell that HB learned alot from them. Alot of there fans misrepresent them as a white power outfit. Most white power people have no clue about shit though.
  8. be nice she had shitty orange hair well blondish in BS Nerdia? Thats what I was talking about
  9. I started watching BGS from the beginning and loved it. I am a star trek geek but seen all the epidodes 1 too many times. Whatch Caprica
  10. Somebody needs to make a new compatiblity list too. The only one ive found was on another site. It was from 06 i beleave and it only had 50% of the games tested and not all 3 emus either. Ive thought about making one but its gotta be time consuming as hell. Maybe with some help i could.
  11. Never been a huge RTS fan but, after playing Brutal Legend i kinda wanna play some. Only had C&C on consoles, as a matter of fact, i do 99% of gaming on my old Xbox. Just trying to catch up and play all the games i couldnt when i was a kid, now that i actually have some spare time.
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