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  1. That multijet link points to the 0.126u2 download here's the u5 one AGEMame builds mameworld thread for them
  2. binary or alt emuhq link for those that cant download attachments at mameworld info.dats updated as well
  3. AGEMame is updated, binaries to follow soon, hmm well when the diff appears on the homepage that is (the news has it but the dl page doesnt as I type)
  4. A plain mame .126u4 binary quickly slapped together mameXT is updated as well
  5. This one would be a grey area anyway most likely with some versions being free & others for buying
  6. Mame Plus! is updated updated Simplified Chinese list (0126u3_0803) [kof2112] updated to gba02AUG2008 [R. Belmont] added region dip switch to cps3 [JoshuaChang] [MESS] sync with 0.126u3 svn r3010 [Emuman] [MAME] sync with 0.126u3 [Emuman] catlist v0.126u3 [s_bastian] fixed cps3/redeartn [JoshuaChang] updated Japanese history.dat & story.dat [399@2ch] AGEMame & AGEUI binaries here or here interesting semi error here, it seems the agemame build is a blend of agemame & regular mame for some reason this time, very odd
  7. Visual PinMAME is up to Version 2.0.1 now - Added support for Stern's "Nascar" and "Grand Prix"
  8. Winters better, add extra layers if needed, summer is not so good as there's only so much you can take off before you get arrested
  9. Mame binary I slapped together (yeah still not got a better location for other sites to head to for stuff yet) MameUIFX32 updated
  10. Forgot the programs third incarnation eh?
  11. Presumably everyones in the program at that point & so they probably souped DP up so he looks normal
  12. You have the multijet news but the link to its homepage seems to have gone astray, as I type this anyway My AGEMame builds are up had to use that link the 987mb site seems to have been deleted, oddly for a place offering so much space & bandwidth they frown on hosting files, strange eh?
  13. The changes are listed in the help section of the emulators menu, changes this time are: CD: GetlocL was fixed.
  14. MAME Plus! is updated now updated makefile [JoshuaChang] updated CPS1 driver [Creamymami] updated Japanese gamelist (jplist0125u9_0705) [mamelist jp]
  15. XT32 is updated now mame plus is updated as well updated French text [benjamin Siskoo] updated Traditional Chinese list [lin352468] updated Simplified Chinese gamelist (0125u9_0704) [kof2112] [MAME] sync with 0.125u9 [xvi] fixed kf2k3pcd [Creamymami] updated Japanese command.dat [commandlist jp] My AGEMame binaries are back as well, though due to a hosting problem the site is dead atm so for now its at either emuhq (not an attempt at advertising of course) or this thread at the mameworld boards
  16. u9's out now MAMETesters Bugs Fixed ---------------------- - 01962: [DIP/Input] tailg: "Fatal error: Input ports cannot be read at init time!" with -debug (Aaron Giles) - 01948: [Misc.] All alg.c and cliffhgr.c sets: Access Violation when taking a snapshot (Aaron Giles) - 01940: [Misc.] All cps3.c sets: Access Violation (Aaron Giles) - 01946: [DIP/Input] Various: Fatal error: Input ports cannot be read at init time! (part 2) (Aaron Giles) - 01957: [Core] Access Violation on hardreset with -debug (Aaron Giles) - 01955: [DIP/Input] gauntleg: Unable to locate input port 'IN1' / gauntleg cannot start (Aaron Giles) - 00654: [DIP/Input] usclssic: Can't start 2P game. Seems like 2P Start key has no effect. (stephh) - 01945: [Misc.] All asteriod.c sets: Assertions (couriersud) - 01939: [Misc.] All sega80v.c sets: Assertions (couriersud) - 01947: [DIP/Input] All omegrace.c sets: Assertions (couriersud) - 01941: [Misc.] pleiads, pleiadbl, pleiadce: Fatal error: activecpu_get_info_int() called with no active cpu! (src/emu/cpuintrf.c:1160) (couriersud) - 01944: [DIP/Input] hachamf: Unable to locate input port 'DSW' (robiza) - 01936: [DIP/Input] All namcos21.c sets: Unable to locate input port 'AN7' (robiza) - 01938: [Gameplay] vaportrx: Game freeze (Aaron Giles) - 01937: [interface] All Sets: Fatal Exception on In-Game Menu (couriersud) Source Changes -------------- SH2 core: [R. Belmont] * refactored to separate out things that aren't part of the interpreter. * converted context struct to go through a pointer Fixed nile pitch calculation. [h0pdmiYX0] MIPS3 recompiler: [Aaron Giles] * don't generate compare interrupts unless the compare register was written to; fixes hangs in blitz, calspeed, and others * stash jump target address before executing delay slot; also, don't update link register until delay slot has finished executing; fixes hang in gauntleg * marked IDT instructions for R4650 only * accounted for time taken in throwaway likely branch slots * fixed jalr to respect the correct link register * fixed c.eq, c.lt, c.le to fail if unordered * fixed swxc1, sdxc1 to use the correct source register (fixes many Gauntlet problems) * fixed CCR31 display in debugger * fixed LWXC1/LDXC1; corrects gauntleg camera ADded state saving for flower.c. [couriersud] Corrected dip setting for Risky Challenge. [brian Troha] Changed how watchpoints work so that supporting them adds 0 overhead unless some are actually live. [Aaron Giles] Removed calls to memory_set_context() in favor of cpuintrf_push_context(). [Aaron Giles] Renamed wilytowr.c to m63.c. Added Irem M63 PCB layout (based on Atomic Boy). [Tomasz Slanina, Stefan Lindberg] Fixed 32031 so that it doesn't call the debugger if not enabled. [Aaron Giles] Fixed assertion in astring.c when compiled against MSVC and the string is UTF-8. [Nathan Woods] Night Striker update: [kanikani] - Added World version as new parent (nightstr) - Renamed already-supported US version to nghtstru - Added Japanese version (nghtstrj) - Removed unnecessary analog input remapping - Added analog stick adjusting port Added diplocations to all games in taito_z.c. [kanikani] Added pot wheel support to world rally 2. [Mirko Mattioli] Split ADSP2100 execution loop between debug/non-debug. [Aaron Giles] Improved behavior of PGM on big-endian. The ARM7 boots properly now but can't sync with the 68k for some reason. [R. Belmont] Update S14001A core: improved filtering to be more accurate to the chip, changed internal audio renderer to produce 4 bit sound as the real chip does. Moved filter outside of the main rendering loop into the glue code. Note: with this update, you may hear a whining noise that was not previously present. This is accurate to the chip! The real chip would almost always have an analog filter placed on its output to suppress this whine. [Lord Nightmare] Fixed some save state problems in the DCS driver. Still comes out garbled on a load, however. Extended memory.c to support up to 4096 banks. [Aaron Giles] Improvements to Cal Omega driver: [Roberto Fresca] - Unified MACHINE_RESET for systems 903/904/905. - Created a new handler to manage the first 4 bits of system 905's PIA1 portB as input mux selector (905 is still not working) - Updated technical notes. Fixed incorrect assumption in the x86/x64 implementation of HASHJMP that the base table for a mode will always be allocated when a fixed mode is first used. [Aaron Giles] Fixed 64-bit writes in UML C back-end. [Aaron Giles] Preliminary emulation of video hardware (simple blitter) in Strip Teaser. [Tomasz Slanina] I80286: Fixed POP ES in protected mode. [Wilbert Pol] tumbleb.c update: [stephh] - updated Dip Switches for 'wlstar' and 'wondl96' - added notes for these 2 games and updated some others - added port tags and updated memory definitions and read handlers Updated cheat system [shimaPong] - Roll back older periodic function Now standard/old format work in this function Otherwords, several operations which doesn't exist in older function and added recently are now disabled - Separated load_cheat_code() to 3 indipendent functions And added new cheat options, "Load New/Standard/Old Format Code" (Default : load all format codes) NOTE : delete all cheat options in the database before start or reload default options (Shift + Reload key) in cheat general menu - Added format strings structure to accept huge size strings in loading a database to prevent from breaking other strings - Changed Link in new format Label code is now "Link-Label" and sub-label is "Label-Sub-Link" "Standard-Link" is no longer label - Added choose_label_index() to manage label selection - Fixed build_label_index_table() to prevent from crashing And disabled to build label index table in case of standard/old format - Fixed memory free problem in case of standard/old code - Fixed several reported/found bugs Cleaned up input handling in seta.c and bigevglf.c. [stephh] Adds rom loading for the cadillacs & dinosaurs sets with PICs, and for several similar punisher sets. No good dumps of the PICs exist, and this is mainly for reference so that we don't forget the graphic rom loading on them. They don't work. They're basically the same set from different PCBs, so one will probably be removed eventually. [David Haywood] Fixed memory leak in ledutil.c. [HeadKaze] New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status --------------------------------------------------- Touchmaster 8000 (v9.04 Standard) [brian Troha] Galactic Storm [Hau, Team Japump!] New clones added ---------------- Night Striker (Japan) [kanikani] Night Striker (US) [kanikani] Wiz (Taito, set 2) [David Haywood] Moon Lander [David Haywood] Star Force (encrypted, set 2) [highwayman] Spy Hunter (Playtronic license) [stefanocsw] Captain Commando (bootleg) [highwayman] (NOT WORKING) New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING ------------------------------------ King of Football [Tomasz Slanina] Hell Night (ver EAA) [Guru] sdlmame is up to u9 as well
  17. mame plus has been updated, its onto .125u8a now, the IPS Collection is updated as well
  18. Actually you can say that about any form of entertainment it all depends on how well written & performed it is, I've seen many live action films that have had no effect on me at all, many have had an effect yes but the same can be said of anime or for that matter books etc.. if you think there's no level (or next to no level) of engagement perhaps you've only seen shallow things? try Grave of the Fireflies (slightly OT there on the hentai topic sorry) Sadly all too common (at least it would be if any libraries stocked any over here) even if it has a large 18 (or your countries equivalent rating) on it, hell we still have stores over here that if they have an anime section at all label it all manga, old errors live on. I'd love to see somewhere do that by putting Urotsukidoji next to finding nemo, see how fast the complaints come in Still as I said whatever floats yer boat, if you don't like it don't watch it & if people do like it leave em alone to watch it its that simple.
  19. If you look into it you'll find there's anime for all ages, it's not just kids though maybe that's all you've seen on TV, that kind of comment just furthers the ignorance that if its animated it must be for kids and ignores that regardless of the style somethings made in there can be many genres within, its like saying 'there's live action kids stuff so lets let little Johnny watch Super Death Kill Massacre 13' which has an 18/R+/whatevers high in your country rating. Slightly OT there sorry. You stand about the same chance of getting either girl so real or not makes no difference. Someones been watching the extreme end of things, especially towards the end of that comment, even I wouldn't watch stuff involving crap & I'm generally quite accepting of Japanese weirdness. In the end though if it floats yer boat and its not illegal &/or being shoved in my face go for it is my view.
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