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  1. Hard to nail down one favourite, I would say Syndicate but I only had an Amiga at that time so the Amiga versions the one I like best, Doom is an obvious contender as is Doom 2 or Duke3D, Shadow Warrior etc.. I think I'll go with Syndicate Wars though, the good stuff from the first game turned up a bit and some bigger bangs from new weapons, the bank robbing was a nice touch to earn extra cash as well
  2. heh. Gals Panic S2 + Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2 = ftw Gals Panic 4 is the safer option if people dont want Anime nudity though, the most 4 has is swimwear like the Saturn version SNES by far has the most disturbing pr0n games. I didn't know the Super Nintendo had any? Not exactly a porn game but pretty dodgy was Cho Aniki and getting back on topic Gals Panic S has a stage that seems to feature a cameo appearance by two characters form Cho Aniki, very disturbing as I havent yet found a way to avoid showtime DX on that stage other than hitting a button to cancel it when it starts.
  3. Couple of updates Agemame the one on my page is just a mirror since theres a binary for the full version, no need to mention that mirror really Mame Plus! it hasnt got it on the news page yet, its on the dl page though, edit this mirror has it & the news on the front page Mame32 Plus! Plus! 0.115
  4. OK I wasnt sure whether it was best to stick it here or in the mame related bit as it does sort of fit into both SDLMess .115, news: more stability, better joystick/pad handling, and all the other good stuff from the SDLMAME 0.114 cycle.
  5. source and this site has several pictures & some video of it they dont do their piracy by halves do they?
  6. As usual here's a pre patched info.dat for those that don't like patching it or aren't set up to do so & new to my rather rubbish storage space in case the idea of linking to another emu site for it doesn't appeal an AGEMame .114u4 binary, command line version.
  7. Not as good as "I'm going to have you one way or another so you might as well be there" On a more serious note though he should just go talk to her, the worst that can happen is he gets shot down in flames, at least he'd know then right? that's the way I see such things anyway.
  8. Just the 3 main bits (cant be bothered to find the rest & the audio's some on-board stuff): CPU - 2.8GHz P4 Ram - 512MB GFX - 128MB FX5900XT
  9. Beer & Whisky, when I can afford em or get them as presents, great ways to drown out the stress & depression, though I'm so used to depression now that I barely even notice it most times
  10. It made me want some milk plus and I am partial to the odd bit of Ludwig Van. On a more serious note though if someones going to be tipped over the edge by a violent film or game then they are so far gone that a disney film will have the same effect on them most likely. The only effect I've seen violent games have, and I've been playing them for many years, is to give idiots like Jack Thomson publicity and provide a scapegoat for society so they can say 'it wasnt our fault, it was the evil games/films/whatever that turned our little angel into a killer' thereby avoiding any responsibility for the fact they may have messed their kid up by not providing a caring enviroment/being abusive/whatever.
  11. Omg how did I forget that wonderful line? Wasn't the game actually called 'Bad Dudes' though? EDIT: Lol. It was called Bad Dudes vs. DragonNinja. Also from that game... "Rampant ninja related crimes these days... Whitehouse is not the exception...". ROFL It depends on the region it seems, some places had it as simply Dragon Ninja others Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja from some of the versions I've seen, think it had name issues in some conversions as well.Back on topic: Fatal Fury Special Terry Bogard, challenger - "Ooooh. You make me so angry, ya big silly" Terry Bogard, win - "Wubba, wubba. Im in the pink today, boy!" Tung Fu Rue, challenger - "Your fists of evil are about to meet my steel wall of niceness" Wolfgang Krauser, challenger - "Challenge me? ya hot spunky kid. I hate spunk" Big Bear, challenger - "Oooh. You make me so flustered" Maybe its just me but I'm thinking someone at the company was coming out in a covert way when that was made
  12. From the Contra 3 intro - "Let's attack aggressively." (theres another way to attack?) Dragon Ninja - "The President has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president?" also from Dragon Ninja - "I'm bad" (in an embarrasingly trying to sound macho/tough voice which fails to sound either)
  13. You'll find a binary of the AGEMame release over at EmuHQ if anyone wanted to try the latest one but uisnt set up to compile it as well. Not advertising another site there (which would be very poor form for my first post) just mentioning a binary for those that want it, maybe I should start adding it to my site along with the other bits & pieces
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