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  1. There was a nakatomi plaza in fight club? No, that would be Die Hard...in Fight Club, it's just Fox Plaza acting as a bunch of "Bank Offices". No, It's nakatomi tower they draw the smiley face on Look it up...you're wrong lol Nakitomi Plaza/Tower is a fictional building in Die Hard, Fox Plaza/Tower was used to represent it.
  2. There was a nakatomi plaza in fight club? No, that would be Die Hard...in Fight Club, it's just Fox Plaza acting as a bunch of "Bank Offices".
  3. Opposite opinion here...Avengers was awesome and easily THE best Comic adapation movie ever. As for the Hunger Games? It sucked, the acting was very bland and it was an obvious take on Battle Royale, even though the author claims to have known nothing about it(ie; She's full of shit). I walked out of the theatre wanting my money back after seeing it.
  4. Anyone have a BitGamer invite? I've got one for Black-Cats in exchange.

  5. 99% of men masturbate, the other 1 % lie about it. *Power FAP!*

  6. POIDH wasn't asking for explicit pics lol...but I'm sure we'd all approve of others like your avatar.
  7. As a kid I remember it being in the 35 cent range a litre, it's about $1.33 a litre here now.
  8. Playdium? Cool, but I think I prefer my basement...at least it has pins, 5 of them actually. Last time I was at Paydium, I think they had like 2 or 3 and they were in shit condition. I have: Bally\Midway Fireball Classic Williams Phoenix Gottlieb Arena Data East Robocop Atari Middle Earth I got rid of my video game arcade machines, pins are way more fun.
  9. Depends where I am in the house lol The living room and kitchen floors are slippery with socks on
  10. You need more than sex or I'd weigh 50 lbs. No to weigh 50lbs, you need crack... Oh and POIDH lol
  11. Sex twice a day = Not need workout /end thread
  12. 52" Plasma in my living room serves as my primary PC's monitor, tend to use my laptop more often though.
  13. I don't wear Cologne, I hate smelling like a bunch of product. Deodarant and showering work well enough. As for the Axe stuff, it's garbage...smells like cheap Gin, all of it.
  14. Good, I was going to suggest that there is no need for the 1e. Now, is there any way to change the actual link on the pages to make them like this? That would be even better.
  15. Oh noes! An advertisement! OMG! Actually, it's about time, and at least it is relevant.

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      Where is this?

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      next time i'll add a penis pumper advertisement for only the 1e/swag section lol

  16. Ok if we're going to touch on the Inflation aspect, which I've seen referenced before...I'll call bullshit. Let's take the SNES for example, and since it was released here in 1991, and had a (true) lifespan of 5 years we'll put the median for game prices at 1994. A 1994 Dollar, adjusted for inflation is worth $1.55 today. http://www.dollartim...s/inflation.htm SNES games when released were on average, $34.99(Probably something like $45 here). What's a game cost now? $59.99($69.99 for the same title here, such a ripoff when our dollar sits par or more often, but nevermind that). Yes of course there were pricier titles, as there are today, but we're talking "average". So while inflation has kept prices up, they are still higher by about 10% on average than they were then....and cart hardware cost MORE TO MAKE than cheap flimsy optical discs do now(Pennies...fractions of pennies, versus probably a few bucks a cart at least). The "Inflation" cop-out is serisously flawed, just on the principle of tech cost alone...todays software medium tech is easily 300x less costly, maybe more.
  17. so u dont buy new games at all? Define "new"...if you mean when they are first released, then no as I do not have the sheep mentality where I have to have it too. Probably helps that I don't care much for online play. If you mean new as in unopened, yes I have bought games that are new and sealed, when they've hit a ~$20 price point. The asking prices on new releases are absolutely disgusting.
  18. I hopped back on about 6 months ago, and it seemed like ass...all the big channels are invite only etc
  19. Never bought any, never plan to. I also won't pay the sickening prices for games new these days either, $60-$70 a game? Screw that noise...
  20. *Pokes site with a stick* I seeing if it's dead...

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    2. Jitway


      Site pokes back

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      Twitches - but only just.

    4. Alpha


      We're alive, dammit lol

  21. Women...you're all retarded. Don't deny it, just go with it.

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      I used to like you ken...

    3. emsley


      lol insert safety default line "Not all women"

    4. ken_cinder


      Nope, I stand by my statement!

  22. Just further progress towards the rest of the world putting up walls around the US...soon enough US users will be blocked from outside websites, kinda like alot of US content providers block you unless you live in the US! Sucks for you guys, but that's what you get when you let your government have free range to play world police...
  23. Those are DEFINITELY fake ta-ta's, they're way too round to be real. If they are, that's one magic bra....but I was more refering to what looks lik facelift/botox and hair extension. I'd still hit it, but it's nothing special for sure.
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