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  1. Are you just dropping the drive from your old PC, into the new one? It's very unlikely to work(boot or run if it does) properly unless the chipsets are the same(And they most certainly are NOT). When you used to do this with older versions of Windows, it would either spaz out or go through the process of requiring new drivers and often run like ass after anyway. With the newest Windows versions, the bootloader doesn't even work the same way, and even if you got it to boot it would deactivate itself and possibly exhibit some issues. You will have to reinstall Windows if this is the case, no way around it.
  2. Still can't just Print Screen with a video, even on older Windows...it doesn't capture the framebuffer, you have to use the capture function in playback software.
  3. You don't need to set Master/Slave on SATA drives...is this a PATA drive, if so check the jumpers. If it's not, it could be something wrong with the drive or cables(or not enough power)
  4. Can't say for certain, but a core 2 duo is likely considerably slower period even at slightly higher clock speed, than a newer amd quad core cpu based on thermal/power design, cache size(s) AND the fact the memory controller is on-die alone.
  5. I have an unlocked Galaxy 551, I bought 2 of them for myself and my wife off Ebay for like $60 each. I'll never understand why people will pay retarded money ($500+) for a phone or think they're getting a "deal" by letting their carrier screw them for 3 more years. I'm off contract with Rogers for 5+ years now, and they kiss my ass whenever I call with a complaint because they know I can say "Fuck you, I'm walking" because they don't have me be the balls with some stupid contract.
  6. That's because that code causes the game to see an SRAM location that shouldn't exist(And even on a legit cart, doesn't, but is still "mapped"), one of the most common copy protection types...such as the one referenced in the OP>
  7. Under the dome is on during wwe raw here in canada so I never see it, is it worth a download Jitway? What channel is hell on wheels on? Hell on Wheels is on the same channel Walking Dead is on, AMC. Redneck Wrastling over any other TV show? No thanks...I'd rather watch fucking Cupcake Wars than WWE, and Cupcake Wars sucks ass!
  8. I have a family, or I'd go back...pretty much the reason I left. Nobody career that see's combat should have kids as far as I'm concerned, it's very selfish.
  9. I have a PS3...and there's 1/1000th the number of players online...and I don't play shit like Halo(Fun games, but the multiplayer is ASS). There's nothing on the PS3 I have that is an exclusive, that is worth bothering with online. Anything multiplatform, the 360 version is superior, and that goes double for multiplayer support with FAR less players online on PS3.
  10. Hahahaha. Yeah, I'm not surprised. But married? Eeehhhhhhhhhhh, not my cup of tea. Sounds like the guys I work with, I'm one of only 2 married guys...which in turn means I'm one of only 2 guys that comes to work with a lunch, has homecooked meals and don't do my own laundry.
  11. DS3 Tool comes with a 360 emulation mode, allowing you to assign buttons however you like as well, using xinput...games see a 360 controller. That wrapper however IS useful if you have a BT receiver and want to use your controller wireless.
  12. Oh there's a number of them, you just don't encounter the issues on emulators like you would on real hardware, and if dumps are fixed then you certainly won't. http://ucon64.sourceforge.net/ucon64/SWC-compatibility.txt for example...1+2 entries, Earthbound being a case of both, number of others in that list, and that's just for the Super Wildcard.
  13. No I don't, but sadly for most of you Americans, your coffee is fucking ASS. When I was in Vegas in December, I had coffee from like 10 different places, including Dunkin Donuts...all of them rank at the top of the list for "Worst coffee" I've ever drank. Asking some American friends of mine, they concur that coffee in the US really fucking sucks...why, I'm not sure.
  14. You don't drink alot of coffee...I do, I can't SLEEP without having a coffee. I drink around a gallon a day on average(6-8 large 20-22oz coffees), for serious. I don't think I really drink anything but coffee 4-6 hours and I'm fine, but I need 7 or 8 to feel "good". If I sleep like 10+ hours I feel like shit when I wake up.
  15. Instant FAIL...only guido's (ala Jersey Shore) wear that Axe shit, stuff smells like cheap gin. Old Spice is ok though, but I've prefered Irish Spring for over 15 years now.
  16. Wow. That's quite a difference. That reminds me of Will Smith and his wife. May I ask, what makes you so attracted to shorter women? Is the sex better? Yeah I feel like a porn star who's hung like an elephant! No...actually I just don't much like tall women, and I find petite ones have like a complex similar to that of a chihuaha that makes em feisty!
  17. Who the hell actually showers in the morning? I refuse to crawl into bed without showering first...and I'm not getting up and having a shower again. That whole morning shower concept seems outright retarded to me.
  18. Umm hello...the girl who is mean to you/an asshole, actually is quite interested in you 9/10 times, especially if she's otherwise fairly nice...chances are she's trying to get your attention and even she doesn't know it. Did you never get picked on by a girl in your teens/pre-teens? Known fact that the girls who do, likely have a crush on you. I actually had a girl in high school try to pick a fight with me, and then plant one on me while trying to cop a feel...dirty girl, sheesh. As for your boss...could be they don't like you, or it could be you're good at your job and they know they don't have to hold your hand or stroke your ego for you. Just like what you're assuming, the same assumptions could be made on the other end...
  19. I've been married twice now, both my wives have been no taller than 5', my 2nd wife now is 4'10"...I realized I've NEVER dated a girl over like 5'5", I like petite women. I'm 6'3"...
  20. Naps? WTF are those? I work midnights and I have 4 kids...naps = sleep, sleep = LOL
  21. I only stop in to see if the hands have moved on Bambi's avatar...
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