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  1. Is it wrong that I know a dirty version of said nursery rhyme?
  2. I love how you make it sound more powerful by saying 0.5Ghz instead of 500mhz...
  3. Chromium...the open source browser that Chrome is built off.
  4. I have a wireless dongle for my 360 pad, as well as a wired controller. I don't use the wireless one on PC as it's a serious fucking pain in my ass sync'ing it back and forth between my 360 and PC. Mind you I also don't use wireless on my 360 either, I always use the wired controller. I really think they need to start bundling TWO wired controllers with consoles...and make wireless shit an accessory. I don't sit 300 feet from my TV... I don't care for cordless tools either, they're pieces of shit no matter the brand compared to corded tools.
  5. That or you could tell your buddy...and tag team that shit instead. lol
  6. Bros before ho's it is...PERIOD. One's wife is not a ho...so wife before bro's. Same goes for Fiance. Some girl he's just started hanging around with, who's already hitting on you? Bro's before Ho's...if he's actually a friend, and you're actually his friend, there is only ONE option here. You just tell him, and let him decide what to make of it. Though honestly, I wouldn't bother with any woman that acts like that...she's likely trying to cause shit between you and your buddy, and the best way to hurt a bitch like that is to let her know she can't have EITHER of you and you think she's a Ho.
  7. Images don't work...Photobucket is teh suck.
  8. Best way to find someone...is to STOP looking. Dating sites are fucking sad and useless. As for pretentious women, good riddance...you don't want em, and if you're just going on looks, most of the "hot" ones fuck like a dead fish anyway.
  9. I have a dedicated server with 16TB of space...the cloud can kiss mah ass. I use Dropbox for sharing files, but backing up files online? Doesn't even make sense to me.
  10. I'm 32...never got into Pokemon at all, didn't collect the cards and didn't play the games for more than a few minutes to see I didn't care for them.
  11. I do run my own modded Minecraft server and UT2k4 server here(35/5 connection, quad core 16GB RAM, dedicated Debian server)...link is in my sig, minecraft address works for UT2k4 server too on default port(s). It's one thing if they did things this way and it was multiplayer only, but single player requiring an internet connection is 100% DRM, and they are liars for saying otherwise.
  12. I have no interest in playing online with others in most games, too many people online are giant douchebags(even those that aren't IRL), and I prefer single player games(especially those with a good story). If I play online, it tends to be with people I know IRL in private games. D3 just makes it worse, because I CAN'T play single player if say my internet is out...my laptop still works even in a power outage, why shouldn't I be allowed to play a game I paid for? With their game model, the game should be free.
  13. No offline play...no buy, I said that when they announced Diablo 3, and I'm sticking to it. Won't even buy the console version because of it too. They can piss on people and tell them it's rain all they want, their reasoning off no offline single player is nothing short of BULLSHIT.
  14. Sorry, must disagree. I loved the Ninja Turtles growing up, but it's about damn time we get a movie where they kick some serious asses and smash shit. They don't look cartoonish either, they look like mutant freaks...looks awesome, move on.
  15. Nah, it's turned into a Twitter-tard ridden wasteland, full of "Selfie" picture taking idiots that don't realize nobody else is paying attention to them, because they're too busy taking their own "Selfie". But they have 5000 "Friends"...who couldn't take their picture for them. Newsflash...Twitter sucks, 30 years ago someone taking "Selfies" all the time would be put in a straight jacket, and you aren't anywhere near as important as you think! I've actually become quite bored with the internet in general, the average IQ MUST have dropped 20 points in the last 3-5 years, and I'm starting to agree with the tinfoil hat wearers that we're all fucking DOOMED.
  16. Stay the hell away from APU's, no...RUN the fuck away from APUs. They're horribly gimped on the CPU end, using one with a dedicated GPU is just retarded. I'm inclined to recommend an FX series CPU, I'm running a 4300 and it's beast enough...a 6300 I see as being pointless, there still isn't shit that can make use of 6 cores properly and independently. BUT, given you're likely looking at like a ~$10 price difference, might as well I suppose.
  17. Xbox one doesn't have facebook or anything like it It hasn't come yet...but it is, the PS4 shipped with it. Point is, they're integrating all this other crap that is a waste of resources.
  18. No chance in hell am I buying either system until their bargain basement priced. They're barely next gen, running gimped ass PC hardware with bloatware "social" features out the ass eating up resources in the background that could be put towards game horsepower. Infact I think I'm done with console gaming PERIOD, I've fucking HAD IT with the social BS...it's bad enough people are hooked on facebook so bad they have to be using it on their cell phones, I DON'T want to frickin talk to your ass while I'm playing a game too! Back to the days where you got a game worth the money you paid for it, mostly geared to single player, and multiplayer is an afterthought! I'm not anti-social, this "social" stuff online is, if I want to talk to people I'll do it in person. I get the in-game chat, but facebook on my Xbox? Fuck off...
  19. Why did I see the title of this thread, and expect it to be sexual in nature?
  20. 100% on a save file just means you completed the main story...100% of everything that can be found in the game? Not a chance
  21. Huh huh you said but fuck me huh huh Seriously though the internet is always changing. I barely use a computer to check online anymore, I use my cell. We differ quite a bit there, as do many others...I refuse to pay for data service, I think it's not only a ripoff but a waste of money. I'm not so in need of internet access, that I need it on my cell phone, hell I'd rather not even have a cell phone but it's sort of a necessary thing.
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