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  1. HAHAHA sounds like some X-Files geek, getting ready to put up some ridiculous pictures. Don't get me wrong, I believe in life forms from other planets, but that the majority of us wouldn't know for a fact they have been/are on earth, is a crock. It's doubtable anything has the means with which to reach our planet, and that if they do..........they even know we are here.
  2. Who deleted my reply in here? Can't take someone agreeing with "ME!" and sporting some intelligence while doing it? You only make yourself look like an idiot, whoever you are. -edit It appears EVERY post I made last night is gone. Must be a result of the changeover. I actually started making some good posts, and frequent ones.........now look, they're all gone.
  3. I'm a good A@H member..........you love me don't you? Freaked me out when I came here today, with the new look. It's great though.
  4. http://www.multimania.lycos.fr/ 50MB of space, PHP4/CGI/MySQL support. No bandwidth restricts like Gheyocities does to you. Provided you can read en francais, or manage to navigate (which really isn't hard to figure out what is what, when signing up anyway) by trying to follow along, it's the best free service I've found. I also wrote an anti-ad script for this place, as my website (which hasn't been updated since Feb) is located there.
  5. No that wold be good ol BASIC. Thanks for the quick insight on some short programs in C++ I've been looking for an excuse to crack open my Viz studio 6 CD's, and something simple like this may just gimme a bit more of a push.
  6. Hi everyone! I haven't read a decent book in years. The only book I'm reading currently, is a 2002-2003 Tech school courses and information book. Time to upgrade mah skillz.
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