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  1. Actually it does come with a case, albeit a simple clamshell type one that it ships in, but it does have notches inside to lock the board into. Open it up for access, or you could easily take a dremel and cut holes where ports are to make it a permanent solution. http://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-original-shipping-case-hack/
  2. It's $35 for the Model B...the Model A might be $25, but it's rather useless given it has only 1 USB port, no Ethernet and 256MB RAM instead of 512MB.
  3. I own one and can use it for XBMC or anything else I want for that matter, just by swapping SD cards. It's the size of a credit card, only higher. Seeing as it's just as capable, if not more, than something like an AppleTV or anything like that, and at less than half the price, I think it's a no-brainer. I'm not retarded enough to own a $700 smartphone, or be locked into a contract with my cell provider in order to get one at a lower price/free(I'm on contract, but not locked in and my provider kisses my ass to keep me as a result), and never will be...the masses of sheeple can continue to be, but no thanks. The old XBOX isn't powerful enough to stream HD or the like, or even high resolution SD for that matter. Hacked PS3? I know nobody with one...it's still a pain in the ass, and streaming video to the 360/PS3 is STILL lame as shit with no SMB support and lacking codec support and DLNA is fucking LAME. DS and PSP aren't even worth mention here...
  4. Trash can? Flush that fucker down the toilet...
  5. I say let her...the hell is wrong with you? lol Virgins are no fun, they don't have a clue what to do...or how to do it right.
  6. That's not KI...that's an Ass Sammich on a DRM Box. Looks and sounds like crap, made by a developer with a track record for SUCKAGE.
  7. For what they cost, I'd rather just use membrane keyboards. I can't stand WSAD anyway...I remap everything to the arrow keys and the ones that surround it, like shift for jump. Too many other keys around WSAD when playing games. Because of that I want my keyboard back that had no space between the up arrow and the row of keys above it.
  8. I don't understand why they need to "emulate" something that could be passed directly to the hardware the emulator is running on. I understand the "need" to implement the emulation of it, but a simple check to hand it off it's running on the same architecture just makes sense...why reinvent the wheel, simply for the sake of reinventing the wheel?
  9. Never pay attention to the media coverage for actual figures until things have calmed down. The initial reports on Boston were of 3 devices exploding and multiple more undetonated devices being found...only the 2 exploded and NO other devices were found. There was also reports of 12 and even 50 people being dead in Boston...wasn't the case. The media likes to sensationalize things like this to get ratings...it's fucking sad actually.
  10. PS4 will support PS1 and 2...just you'll have to pay for them again on their store in digital form only!
  11. Nope, I don't care one bit for blogs...here or anywhere else for that matter. Save your money, blogs are for attention whores, and aren't needed on a community website.
  12. We need breasts...tits or gtfo. Actually I don't know, emulation itself is just plain in a lul, nothing big...nothing exciting. Tits are always exciting though...
  13. I've seen enough of this "2nd amendment" "Constitutional Rights" BS...it's not your right under the constitution, simply because it's been misinterpreted and bastardized to serve that purpose. I don't believe guns need banned, just regulated better...it's no civilians right to own an AK47, or even an AR15(Although it's semi auto-matic, it's no hunting rifle). There's also no need to own a handgun, it's only purpose being concealment AND is harder to fire accurately than a rifle. There's just far too much redneck persuasion for things to ever change, because like you already mentioned, theres a percieve bastardized RIGHT to owning any gun you want. Why stop there? Why not make rocket launchers legal? Afterall, law abiding citizens won't abuse those...too bad it's the law abizing citizens who buy guns ILLEGALLY for those who aren't allowed to own them, and the stupid morons that don't store them properly that wind up having them stolen or their kids shoot themselves or their siblings in the face with them. Yes, guns don't kill people, people kill people...and there are too many with sub 80 IQs in your gun culture ridden society that are allowed possession of them. I've fired weapons of war, and have the "right" to own a number of weapons...and I don't believe it's a right that should be given to civilians beyond possessing weapons for the means of hunting, should they also be used as a means of self-defense, then so be it. But handguns and assault rifles? Bitch please...
  14. Sure it's just one girl...one girl who needs to move her hands so I can get a better look-see!
  15. I picked it up for the 360 as well, but I haven't had a whole lot of time to play it. I'm only a few missions into the stuff at Sanctuary.
  16. You trade numbers, and then YOU don't text them...you wait, cause women don't want guys who are needy. I know, it doesn't make sense, but women don't make sense.
  17. I recently upgraded my server in the basement, so I've got plenty of resources to spare. Decided to run a UT2004 server. There's no Master Server uplink, thus no CD Key check(and thus no stats tracking). All the Bonus packs are in use as well as a bunch of Classic UT remakes and some others. I'll continue adding maps as I have time. Server is up 24/7(nearly, scheduled reboot twice a week at 5am) so long as my internet connection is up, and a public file redirect on a 100mbit line is present for downloads of maps/packages you don't have, so downloads are fast and don't affect the game server. Map voting is on, with the ability to change gametype, server default is CTF and will revert to random CTF map if no votes are placed. Min 6 players with bots filling spots and always playing, keeping the maps rotating. ut2004://kencinder.servegame.com
  18. All women like it in the @$$...they just don't know it yet.

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      I agree with Bambi... the ass? Keep it nice and tight ladies. I don't want you women wearing diapers.

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      but if i so happen to miss the front door... since im already HERE.. i might as well just go on in through the back door.

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      you said but

  19. Voted with my wallet, had planned to buy on release(First game in like a DECADE buying on release), but as soon as I found out you had to be online for single player...I'm not buying it EVER.
  20. http://www.acanac.ca I'm in my 2nd year with them, unlimited and not only is their customer service good(They'll listen to you if you know what you're doing, rather than treat you like a moron like Rogers and Bell do), I haven't HAD to even speak to them in over a year.
  21. No more like a generation of stupid, spoiled little emo brats that couldn't possibly think for themselves. Those deemed "Generation Z" who have no appreciation for doing ANYTHING for themselves, you thought Gen Y kids were bad with their online antics and brain damaged-ness? Gen Z kids take it to a whole new level! Problem is, most of us Gen X'ers are the problem, as they're OUR kids! Sooooo basically it sucks to be parent in this era? lol No it sucks seeing how big of a failure most other parents are these days...I blame it on how many of them were brought up spoiled trust fund kids, and how many overpaid desk jockeys there are today. Will take another economic meltdown ala the 1930's to burn out their kids trust funds, and force them to get real jobs they're worthy of(instead of the 6 figure one they're unqualified for that their family/friends got them), to put a stop to it.
  22. No more like a generation of stupid, spoiled little emo brats that couldn't possibly think for themselves. Those deemed "Generation Z" who have no appreciation for doing ANYTHING for themselves, you thought Gen Y kids were bad with their online antics and brain damaged-ness? Gen Z kids take it to a whole new level! Problem is, most of us Gen X'ers are the problem, as they're OUR kids!
  23. I've noticed that with youtube too, You MUST have a gmail account now. Sucks You only need an account to upload(and you always have), and Google owns Youtube...so having 1 single login for everything Google offers, is WAY better than registering separately. Facebook lets me keep in touch with friends and family I can't possibly see in person, or are not close enough friends to do so otherwise. I don't use it for the addictive BS some people do, hell I might post on there once a month, but I do read alot of what people post and laugh at how fucking EMO some people can be. Twitter...twitter is THE single most useless website in existance. Tweets are stupid, serve no real purpose and any "Conversation" cannot be coherently followed. There is no "News" from any single tweet, that one can find any substance in whatsoever. You're far better off getting your news from places of real substance, as even the companies or individuals "Tweeting" something, elaborate and provide FAR FAR more depth and substance on REAL websites...Twitter is a hilarious little emo 12 year old smart phone having childs website.
  24. There was a nakatomi plaza in fight club? No, that would be Die Hard...in Fight Club, it's just Fox Plaza acting as a bunch of "Bank Offices". No, It's nakatomi tower they draw the smiley face on Look it up...you're wrong lol Nakitomi Plaza/Tower is a fictional building in Die Hard, Fox Plaza/Tower was used to represent it. It was on AMC when I watched it, the story notes said it was the same tower from die hard. I'm just passing it on as I read it It is...Fox Plaza(As in the real life company, who owns the rights to both movies). In Die Hard they called it Nakitomi, which is a fictional name.
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