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  1. I'ts not that games don't run as good when developed for/by wince, thats just to do with the programming or the port method etc, Sega got Microsoft to design a customized version of wince for the dreamcast with the inclusion of the directX graphical programming environment seen in the windows os's as an alternative development environment, this was done to encourage third party developers, and make it easy for ports of games from other platforms.
  2. Last Saturday after drinking lots of alcohol I fell asleep on the couch, I woke up about 2 hours later and couldn't understand why everyone was staring at me, so I had a few more beers untill 7am, walked home, looked in the mirror and noticed that my mates covered my face with lipstick. So, don't fall asleep amoungst drunken mates!
  3. Contact me when you feel the need to and I'll set it up for you. yeah, I can send you my config files
  4. I gotta say that the Mortal Kombat series on the Amiga plus Shaddow Fighter was great, but I also like a game called Brutal Paws of Fury, I found that quite an interesting game.
  5. well.. you could be right but it normally will say somewhere that to edit or alter the software in anyway will be a breach of copyright type thing but who cares anyway, it still sounds like a cool idea
  6. I still say rip the PS2 audio, surly what he is doing isnt actually legal anyway???? Less time and close to the original, just my opinion though
  7. I was in america last year for this and the fireworks are awsome! makes any display hear look crap!
  8. Yeah, I done that and removed all known problems, I guess I just have wait and see if any more problems occur
  9. I emailed them and told them, their reply was simply, Thanks for replying???
  10. OMG I cant beleive you have never heard of the sega master system I have a couple, one has Hang on and a pacman like game when you switch it on with no cart in, dont you guys think that the MS1 is unnecessarily HUGE, lol
  11. I received this complaint from my ISP, can anyone tell me what exactly this is and what to do to prevent it, the only software I use to access other user's PC's is DC++, I have been using this for months now, and now a complaint??? I'm sure it cant be this since a user would understand that to share I have to access thier computer through DC++. heres the complaint: Since this email I have installed Norton Antivirus 2004 and ZoneAlarm Firewall, I'll just have to wait and see if thats enough to stop it. Can anyone shed any light on this, cheers
  12. There is no N64 emulator but there are a couple of Gameboy emulators for the dreamcast; Boob!boy and DCgnuboy. Go to www.dcemulation.com to find out more
  13. My personal faves for the DC are: Shenmue Shenmue 2 Sonic Adventure Sonic Adventure 2 The House of the Dead (with the light gun only) Jet Set Radio Soul Calibur Sega Rally 2 Daytona USA 2001 Seaman Ferrari F355 Challenge Quake 3 D2 Sega Bass Fishing (with the fishing controller only) Rez Space Channel 5 ChuChu Rocket Ready 2 Rumble boxing Resident Evil Code: Veronica Trickstyle Toy commander Stupid Invaders Phantasy Star Online Crazy Taxi Crazy Taxi 2 Ecco the Dolphin Well, thats 26 and I could still list more good games....
  14. you wont be able to buy one in a shop here, you will most likely have to buy one online, ebay, lik-sang.com and playasia.com are places where you are likely to find them.
  15. the version of Space vhannel 5 i downloaded ran in 50Hz, and was out of sync, I used a thing called adr patcher to convert it to 60Hz. you may be able to get it from megagames?
  16. If the ripped version of this game is not patched to run at 60Hz it will be badly out of sync.
  17. Make an image using the default settings in DiscJugglar, Patch that image then burn in to disc, it should work. I did this for a patch with "Street Fighter 3: Third Strike" and it worked fine. And yes, if the game was already selfboot before you made it into an image, it will still be a selfboot when you re-burn it
  18. Others may not agree, but I think Evolution and Time Stalkers are quite good RPG's
  19. Yes you can still play with the controller, the same way as you can with Dance Dance Revolution, its just not as fun. btw, to get the best scores use the controller as its easier and more accurate than the maracas.
  20. Get yours self an RGB scart and the problem should dissapear, however if your TV doesnt support 60Hz mode then you will need to patch.
  21. just got it today, its a pretty cool game, it'l be on the FTP once I get it going again
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