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  1. I've got a beta gold disc of Crash 1, it has no story, just the levels and if you press all shoulder buttons together you get infinite energy, lives and all levels unlocked. Doesnt work on Bleemcast though!
  2. I first seen that site fetured in the official Dreamcast mag UK, issue 3! its one of the only sites that still work!
  3. I'm cool with a banner or a side banner even, but no way would I like anything like the popups at dcemulation.com!
  4. Yes, this is true, I'm an avid Nin fan but only true nintendo games are good for the Gamecube controller, a good example is metal gear solid, its hard to get used to the new controlls if you are a Playstation gamer. but one thing I will say is that the Gamecube contrler is the most comfortable controler, and it doesnt make your hands sweat as much as other controllers!
  5. you should be able to make a CD with all your MegaDrive ROMs and swap it with the CD you boot with
  6. well, first up is the Nintendo handheald called the DS, but there is gonna be a new console as NOM UK confirmed this!
  7. I'm not gonna put the selfboot versions of the games on my FTP untill I test 1 game fully, I don't want you guys downloading one of my patched files only to find it crases halfway through, lol You can make it a selfboot using the Echelon method, if you can't do it, I'll do it for you, as the echelon method can be quite tricky to follow!
  8. its quite easy to play with the controller, I dunno if it supports the mouse and keyboard for the DC but i'll give it a try
  9. Yeah, I bought this game when it first came out, all the seriousness from the first one has been removed and replaced with comedy. Plus you can play as 2 other characters, A mad doctor who makes weapons out of things he finds lying around like a toaster for example, or a dog with 4 arms in which he can hold 4 guns!, its surprisingly a really good game!
  10. Yeah, its the same here for 60Hz, its mainly modern TV's which only support it, which I guess is the point your getting accross with 50Hz on your TV's.
  11. it does, the getaway has options for 60Hz and Progressive Scan!
  12. Hey, don't be so hard on yourself, it doesn't look that bad!
  13. The problem with PAL gamers is that we have to wait for the game to be made into other European languages, which is a pain in the arse as it would be so easy to just convert the US version to PAL, but I guess that would only help us Brits, I find that games look better graphically at 50Hz but at 60Hz you get a hugely smoother gameplay with no black boarder but the scanlines/picture can sometime look stretched, but I guess in the long run, 60Hz allways wins
  14. I'm not a believer in the supernatural, as with god, or any other religion for that matter. I think the idea is all a bit too far fetched, but thants just my opinion and I would not ask anyone to change their opinion, but its all interesting stuff
  15. I take it there is no US version of the freeloader to play PAL imports? Mind you, why would you want to play PAL games when they are released in the states first? I have the opposite problem living in the UK, lol
  16. Hey guys, just so you know I've masterd the art of selfboot, so I will gradually change non selfboot games on my FTP to Self-Boot as I rekon you would much rather download that version
  17. There is also Soul Calibur, but we'll leave that for a different thread
  18. Ah cool, CloneCD works for me! Now I know its this easy to backup original PSX games I've got tons of games available to upload!
  19. No probs if you wanna upload to my FTP, there is plenty of space on it, just decide which games you don't want to lose and up em to the FTP. I would say upload: Space Channel 5 Promo Silver Blue Stinger There is no point in uploading Skies of Arcadia and Headhunter as they are already on the FTP, I'll just re-pack them with recovery bits on demand.
  20. Hmm.. I'll give CloneCD a try, using both my DVD drive and CD-RW Drive. I'll report back if any probs
  21. Do I need to rip original discs like the dreamcast or can I just copy them to image, I've tried DiscJugglar, Nero and UltraISO but when the image gets to 2 thirds done it says it can't read? I can copy allready made backup discs to images, its just the originals? Any suggestions?
  23. Ive only tried it with the dual sticks, but I guess you could get used to it another way if you tried???
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