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  1. whenever I try to run a game on Chankast, It gives me an error and closes chankast (I get the options send error report/don'tsend). The games /seems/ to be loading but the above mentioned error occurs. Anyone know what's going on?
  2. when i press start on the main screen of GGXX i get the report to microsoft error. Anyone know how i can fix this. (i DL'ed from Bittorrent....[shibby.dl.am] 2004-08-01 Guilty.Gear.XX.Reload.JAP-iNDY). i really have no clue whats causing the problem can anyone help? thanks Edit: i also downloaded the add-on movie and music. i stuck them in their appropriate folders. i get the movie but no sound
  3. wow i'm surprised, i read newsweek and they said it was his best movie (a masterpiece)...oh well
  4. haha...actually my problem was that i didn't know you had to use the mouse wheel to change the resolution...so i can empathize
  5. I don't know if anyone has had this problem, but when i run GTA VC i cannot change my screen resolution. I have a p4 2.0ghz 64 mb geforce 4 512mb. It is more than qualified to play the game. i heard that it had problems on newer Graphics cards and old (like geforce 3) could run it w/o a problem. i dunno...i would really appreciate if someone could help. thanks
  6. hibiki(2)-blanka-rugal hibiki rules!!
  7. I've seen both loved the first one, not a big fan of the second (it was ok). the first one had the cool little anime scene (i recognized the actor that played bill from the anime) and the music that playedas the crazy 88 came to that restaurant was awesome. i went out and got the music!!
  8. well you could do the same on kof 2003 , right?
  9. i didn't like the fact that Snk tried to make it like MvC 2. i liked the original Kof selection better. The gameplay also felt a little bit sped up to me...but i have to say i loved the new robert (both his stance and outfit)
  10. same here, only took once to get discouraged (i lost a $100)
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