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  1. I didnt even watch the sony show, not intrested. Ff7 remake? Why bother even buying it, the cutscenes and gameplay will be on youtube an hour after it comes out. But here's the thing, I like playing games and experiencing them myself, not watching cutscenes and Let's Plays on YouTube
  2. Are you playing on PC Jacko? Yes, I can only use the mouse and keyboard and I can't get used to that! You will buddy, just give it a bit more time. I have no problems chaining massive combos together with keyboard and mouse! You could always try motionjoy drivers and a PS3/4 Pad? Set it to emulate a 360 pad if thats your thing. Mind be careful motion joy drivers can be a pig I've installed them four or five times and on a couple of those i had to remove them completely.
  3. Yup, Arkham knight for the PC Sucks big time. I just seen a few videos with I7 and 960/80s rig running it and stuttering. So two choice as a PC gamer, get your money back if you bought it off steam which everyone should be doing to send these fuckers a message. Second choice is to wait out the crack for the game and pirate it, but even then you are looking at a wait because it isnt cracked and will take time, then the patches will probably take some work as well. Anything Warner brothers is involved in, stay clear on PC in future till you see it reviewed and that its working ok for mos
  4. Gonna be the real deal. http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/batman-arkham-knight The only constant negative I've seen is the Batmobile turning into a stupid tank and you have to shoot other tanks. Which is pretty friking wierd for a batman game, they might as well put in a QTE cooking event in the batcave.
  5. Surprised there Cinder as I thought you were a dreamcast fanatic! Guys you have to check out the last guardian it looks stunning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHzHoMT5eRg
  6. Just looks like an arty farty game babes.
  7. Shenmue 3!!! http://metro.co.uk/2015/06/18/shenmue-iii-breaks-guinness-world-record-for-crowdfunding-5251239/
  8. Doom 4 looked mental, pure brutality.
  9. Eeeeeek. One reply for the 2015 E3! Diehard Cominus! I still dont understand the massive sway to multiplayer though, some games now are made just fro that..
  10. Pretty sure Fallout 4 is on everyones jizz list. I saw a bit of the division, I have watched it closely for a the past two years and now I find out its focus is on fucking multiplayer? I thought we would get a good single player game out of that? It's all multiplayer now which yeah I don't mind but focusing games purely on this aspect is getting a little boring. What happened to the art of the single player game? Nothing else of note so far on my radar. What you seeing?
  11. RANT WARNING! This is a rant. I have to get this off my chest. I was supposed to have an ebay account by now but my debit card is taking a lot longer than expected. So to cut a long story short I ventured in to the waters of gumtree, and holy fucking shit! IT SUCKS. I ran a total of around 8 adverts for clothes, and vintage books and comics, and various other items. So to make my stuff attractive I did what most do, look on ebay for a second hand price THEN list it on scum tree for the most reasonable lower price you can find. My pictures were top drawer, I put effort into them, li
  12. I've seen a few cart loaders where by you can put your backed up games on them and you slot it in your SNES and then you select whatever games and voila, instant snes Jizz! Which one would you guys go for if playing on a UK pal?
  13. Yeah as I thought guys. So that's something I'd have to be upfront about. In the area I'll be advertising money will be tight. Thanks.
  14. Hey bros and hoes. So I figure with how many times I get asked to just "fix this" or "sort that out" (which i sometimes wont do) Anyway I was considering putting up an advert for PC repairs/cleans/reformats in my area. I dont know about you but that many people with all this stuff now are just Dipshits without a clue. My main aim will be to acquire customers who 8/10 will be a gloit, slamming windows 7 on it which automatically saves their stuff in an old photo, and backing up anything they want to save. Anyway what I NEEDED to ask you guys, is more often than not people are pretty s
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NteVmdoo1yI
  16. Cheers Schori, I'm using Song Vegas ATM. It's doing just bout everything I need from it and it does not crash at the drop of a hat.
  17. That's a big list! Used to love streets of rage 2! I remember Street fighter 2 was out on the snes and no one had a snes or a copy of it, everyone had mega drive. Streets of rage 2 was the closest thing we had!
  18. I've been getting back into video editing for my site. I dont think any free ones can handle what Im trying to do, it will hopefully come out 720p/1080p in xvid/divx. But anyway things I need from it: 1. Mutli channel editing. I must be able to dip and raise the sound in the channels. Also I must be able to overlap sound effects and music and a voice over. 2. Something that I can pump fully pre ripped movies into and cut quickly and save at a sensible bit rate to various codecs. (Usually 1080p im not asking the world at blu ray infinitum.) 3. If you know of any free ones that coul
  19. Would that convert the hits in to cash and if so, how does that work? Im not trying to make it big on ebay but what I do want to aim for is an inventory between 100 to 200 items listed at anyone time. I can get these items for 1-4 quid, as long as I profit £6.50p on each item or insert random number on top, then thats the cycle. My maths skills are basic and shit, but I know if I keep to that golden rule im making profit. I know what i have to do to stand apart from the rest, i know exactly were my items are coming from and they will be cheap. I know how to list my items in the best w
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