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  1. I'd be happy with a few hundred quid extra a month. Tell me what you know. Have you gone at it before? And what Items did you focus on? It has to be worth a try when the only risk is 80 to 100 bucks.
  2. Ok I just applied for a new debit account, once thats through I'll put a bit of cash in there and open up on fleabay. I have some pretty soild ideas as to what to sell. I can pretty much source cheap and sell. I can buy for between £2-£7 then will sell for around 10 to 20. This is good because it keeps any margins for loss low at all times. I've been watching the right stuff, and researching the right stuff and I'm faily confident I could do something this time. Anyway, have any of you guys noticed this insane 180 days "item not as described" thing? I read it used to be 45 days bu
  3. Go back to sleep internet your governments have everything under control. The films you see must be paid for, if not how can we use our propoganda against you and make you pay for it? Go back to sleep. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLf8t_U_jGg
  4. Same here, I've just about giving up looking. I'm not giving up yet, but the job market been in really bad shape over her efor a long time. Furthermore, I really have no interest in coding, so that narrows my employment options considerably. He has a point agozer, its the economic super power and it shows no signs of slowing, could set you up for life going over there for a few years. Plus the women are kind hearted and respect men, unlike the west. As for me, Im afraid im stuck in the UK, I cant go leaving my little one and jet off to the other side of the world.. For the record if y
  5. Same here, I've just about giving up looking.
  6. He goes round laying out chinese sons of bitches with round house kicks.
  7. No. But don't worry, I know the feeling.
  8. Hold your traditions strongly yanks or they will be taken by Marxist man!
  9. That's intense! What would happen if you gave the camera a middle finger? Nothing to be fair, But with how its going would it surprise you in a few years if they could nick you for "public rudeness" ?
  10. Major cities and towns are pretty much watched by CCTV. This one though... My local park had a new centre set up, guess what's there on top of a tall poll? A rotating CCTV camera. The fucker swivelled for me as I was just strolling around. Creeping authority...
  11. Was wondering if your freedom of speech has has any restrictions put on it? The UK has had loads. What I mean is, can you be as offensive as you want to be over there? Talk about anything to a group of people or is some stuff shaped like the UKs? Such as in the UK you cant use certain words, or speak the truth about some things, and lots of protests have restrictions placed up on them and have to be in principle agreed with the authorities before hand.
  12. Never see anything of the guy now.
  13. Im not a nazii bro hate those fuckers. But yeah to survive in an america prison would deffo have to go white supremacist. You'll be fine in jail, just make a statement in the dinner hall, stand up on your table and be like "Crackers, wogs, spics, this bitch is mine now, all you fuckers are gonna pay with my horizontal punching power!" (UPPERCUT AIR TO INJECT FEAR) Then go over to the BIGGEST guy you can see, whatever race he is insult it, spit in his dinner, tell him he looks like a low IQ retard or something. And tell him he will be sucking your dick tonight or ELSE!!! HORIZONTAL PUNCHING PO
  14. Been on my mind the past twelve hours. We were talking on facebook and she said I would deffo 100% without a doubt get raped in jail. Feel alienated.
  15. I read a little while later some ass hole hoaxed OP. Sorry guys.
  16. At first I thought it was your usual mega virus news bullshit, but this shit looks like it could jump to Europe quite easily.
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