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  1. how does 1 go about making his own screenpacks.........hand how the hell do i edit.SFF files
  2. depends on wat dvd's u use.....some of them dont agree with ps2 games
  3. funny thing is i have like 400 charas.....and i dont have polaris ROFL
  4. they cant close it man...GOD IS HERE
  5. oh he didnt say his was a backup of the HD advanced so i asumed so
  6. sorry....u can just merge threads.....GOGOGOGO
  7. they arnt showing any nudity so why should it not be alowed drake stop picking on me....just cuz im the new guy
  8. damn u ppl took u like a week to validate mine IMA GET DRAKE TO BEAT U ALL
  9. there has to be a chuck norris chara for mugen FIND ME 1 NOW PLOX
  10. go on drake score me some posts being low posts let me look GAY
  11. drake tried to lick my ring so i said no and he went in a huff and quit gunz....i dunno wats up with him
  12. most of mine are all nudes rofl....but here are sum with gear on
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