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  1. The ones from your favorite fighting game mabe?
  2. how will life end? with you lying face down in a gutter while the rest of the world passes you by
  3. hdd loader? What is that? Is that the PCSX2 equivalent of the Nebula Loader? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> no it has nothing to do with Pcsx2 its a program that lets you run games from a ps2 hard drive without using a mod chip insted a memorycard is used (I dont know)
  4. swap trick neaded any original ps1 disk and the disk you want to swap 1. stick the buton 2. insert original CD 3. turn on console 4. when cd slows swich with burnt copy 5. when cd slows swich with original 6. when ps screen disapears quickly swap back burnt copy and thats all you need to do
  5. just use snes 9x this is what i use it works fine on all 9x and above OS'
  6. yeah good for you stay loyal to...... uhhh, nevermind
  7. well I herd a rumor that characters will only be added if the developer has a title on a nitendo console
  8. http://www.area51jamaica.com/area51forum/viewtopic.php?t=481 here ya go
  9. Japan is gettin there ass kicked by Brazil (lil jhon voice) yeah!!!
  10. yes I finally have the net at home time go on a download frenzy
  11. How did I miss that anyway if your you can download saves from gamefaqs
  12. I wager a pheonix down on that brazil will be victorious again
  13. To fix the problem in the DBZ games simply change the save type to eeprom+sensor
  14. Actually I think its pretty good once you get over the sub standard graphics and sound you'll actually see that it is an awsome game plus you get to play as any character not just cless (or cress as he is called in this version) there is even a secret character and a new dungeon plus a mini-game when you beat it
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