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    From ArcadeControls: ZiNc is an [Windows] emulator for arcade video games based on Sony PlayStation hardware. This includes systems from Capcom, Taito, Konami, Tecmo, and Namco, among others. These games are also supported in MAME, but ZiNc can frequently run them faster and with graphics and sound enhancements (therefore not a full emulator, see also simulators).
    PLEASE NOTE: Zinc is best run with a Zinc frontend (Windows GUI interface).
    1Emulation recommends the Zinc frontend, Zenith.
    What's this?
    ZiNc is an emulator for various arcade games which ran on
    modified Sony PlayStation hardware. It does not emulate
    any other games, including other 3D games.
    What's it play?
    To see a complete list of supported games, run ZiNc with the "--list-games" parameter.
    ZiNc attempts to provide the fullest possible emulation for each of
    these games while also running on relatively low-spec PCs. However,
    we don't guarantee perfect emulation for any of the games. Sound
    and/or music in particular may be incomplete or incorrect for certain
    types of games.
    ZiNc is not flexible enough to support games with analog controls. As a
    result, some games on supported hardware that you may have seen in
    MAME (such as Crypt Killer) are not included.



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