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  1. Just added another one, my favorite now, "SpacePilot3k", this one may go as the default style. Tell me what you think!
  2. Another style just uploaded!! "dvdfuture" Try it out and tell me what you think!
  3. Yeah, I know how you guys feel, but thats another great thing about phpBB, you can change the style in what you want. I will be uploading more styles too, soon. So this is not exactly permanent at all. But I will be counting on your guys votes for the default style!
  4. I just made/ edited the new style. So what do you think? Good or Bad? Btw, if you don't see it, go it into your configuration panel (preferences) and you can set the new style there! Or if you don't like it, you can stay with the original style. P.S. But thats ok with me of course.
  5. Holy Crap! You were banned too! Well lots of stuff. I changed the forum from Vbullletin to PHPbb, (btw, I'll change that little stats of yours thats says banned back to registered), and well we had a huge post deletion by an evil mod who banned some people and I guess you too, so we're back with moderator logging and everything. And it's all good!
  6. My favorite and probally everyone elses favorite emulation site has no more roms and iso's! Infact all their public roms & iso's links don't work anymore because of the IDSA or someone taking legal action on them. It sucks so bad that no one is even sure if there will be a private ftp anymore. The only thing they have left for roms is IRC! Unfortunattely I have no idea how to use it, if you do post something in this thread or make a new one on it. ~This is sad, sad, sad, news for Emulation!~
  7. Hey guys since I did the big switch to this board, what do you think? Vote on the poll and post all your comments here!
  8. Ok it will be back up soon! But the reason why you are not seeing it anymore is because the moderators have gone down, one full level, so you are all now Regular Moderators. Super Moderators will now and forever be a privlige to acchieve. The reason why is because Super Mods has a lot more options then regular mods. But all of you don't use that options accept the bad mod, if he is still there, which will be disabled for him. :cool:
  9. Before you continue to post anything, please read the following.... 1. No Posting Warez for Graphics Softwares! 2. No Posting Any Naked Anime, or anything that shows private parts or female breasts. 3. Any posting of the above will result in immediate action, A: Your post will be deleted. B. Second Try, You Will Be Banned. No Third Try! ~Enjoy And Please Follow These Rules~
  10. No, there are too many people under 13 on this forum, which I can be sued for. Sorry (Even though that is sick crap: ) Note: I know you are kidding.
  11. If you guys got any good sites for GIF Emulation post it here, but here is in my opinion the best! http://www.gamegen.com ~Enjoy!
  12. This is the newest place just for emulation art. You can post illustrations here and animations in the GIF Animations section. I'll soon be posting softwares too that you can download to make your own animations! ~Enjoy!
  13. I have decided to make a new Emulation Art Section. Where people can post avatars, gif animations, and everything except of course, naked anime, and it has a japanese name if anyone can post it. Now all I need to know is which sub sections do you think it needs? Something like, Gif Animations??
  14. I will not tollerate any flaming in this board! If you want to flame, flame by Private Messaging or Instant Messaging OutSide EmulForums. I do not want to make this an argument zone. As For The Last Post By Eugen Popovici, I am sorry but that post has been edited to deletion. Any more misconduct can suspend you from posting for 1 day or more. Sorry For Any Inconviniences I have Caused...
  15. Don't worry about it, its a server problem and it will be fixed soon!
  16. ~Figured Out Who It Is~ Thread Unstickyed PM Me TapeWurm for the person who registered as you. Oh and there is nothing to worry about;).
  17. Like he said you have to copy it in your address bar or either right click the link and click save target as.
  18. They use to, but that was a long time ago!
  19. How did the crowd react when the rope snapped? Was Angle/Benoit vs. Edge/Mysterio a better match or Taker vs. Lesnar? Who got the loudest ovation? How empty was that arena? Were there a lot of comps? What do you and others think of the current WWE product? For instance, did you like the "Katie Vick" storyline, or did you think it was embarassingly bad? Don't you think HHH is boring? Would you rather see RVD or Booker T in the main event?
  20. Well TapeWurm there is another TapeWurm, not sure if it is you or not in EmuParadise too... http://www.emuparadise.org/vbulletin/showt...hlight=tapewurm And Magnis it could be anyone, try posting this thread in A@H too.. they might have answers for you. Because more people know you there and would obviously maybe want to use your username. Otherwise if there is a person here who did it, then say it.
  21. Well we already have a forum for emulators and plugins. As for emulation news...I probally make one soon. A long with an emulation art forum where you can put comic stripts and stuff. > Emulation News --------------------- Emulators And Plugins News & Updates ------------------------------------------------- Get The Latest News On The Best Emulators And Plugins! --------------------------------------------------
  22. This game looks like its for Turbo Grafx 16 or something, but I have no idea what the name is..
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