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  1. Zinc is another emulator that plays capcom zn games. Such as Street Fighter EX 2 Plus!
  2. It seems that it was a *BAD* Moderator who did this. I still havn't found out who. But please step forward and tell us why, plus I am very sorry everyone, BUT KEEP POSTING!!
  3. I found 2 sites a couple of years back that still work like a charm! They have hack for about every game! And they have tutorial copying all kinds of games including Ps1 & Ps2. http://www.megagames.com http://www.gamecopyworld.com
  4. Can you post the link please, I got to check this out!
  5. ALLRIGHT YOU GUYS!! eXtreme LINKS BASIC IS NOW UP TO DOWNLOAD! NO PASSWORDS, NO MORE TEXT FILES, NO MORE CRAP!! This software took me ages to make. And now I give it to you to find the best roms, iso's, and even softwares! I know this may be a sad day in emulation history, but lets keep our hopes up! Believe it or not this software even has now ftp's and weblinks to a ton of great stuff. ~Enjoy, Please FREELY DISTRIBUTE THIS SOFTWARE!! ====================================== Download It Below --------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCONTINUED --------------
  6. WOOOOOHOOOO!!! I got it working with Aldos Tools Front End Patch For Zinc!!! Get It Here!! http://www.aldostools.com
  7. I know many of you know this site, but its frankly is the best for CPS1 & 2 Roms! The links are fast and the site is awesome. -Edited out- If you guys got any better links please post it too!
  8. I have tried everything and Zinc And Impact the emulators won't work for me. I really wan't to play Street Fighet EX Plus. And I can't because of it. So if anyone knows any other emulator that can play that game it would be a BIG help! Plus my operating system is Windows XP. So I hope that helps:p.
  9. Right now this forum is on the verge of destruction. I know many of you are mad right now and so am i. But we have to work together to solve this problem. But please, keep posting! Its not the end of the world. Because I know everyone worked extremely hard on this forum and so did I. And hopefully I can delete this thread by the end of the day once (which I hope) everything comes back..
  10. Look I seriously have no idea whats happening to the posts. But I have to wait till my server admin comes online so I can talk to him. These are several reason that this could have happened: 1. A Moderator deleted all the posts. 2. Server Problems 3. Some hacked it such as the IDSA, but lets not start accusing them of anything, it could have been anyone. All I can say is, I really don't know what I can do right now. Like I said I have to wait for the server admin to come online. If we can't fix this problem. I promise I'll try my best!
  11. What the hell is going on??? What happened to all the freakin posts?? Something is terribly wrong here. I think we either have a bad moderator or there was a server problem. Believe me I had nothing to do with this. And I'll get to the bottom of it. I was even going to upload new avatars today damit. I'll find whats going on, I promise!
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