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  1. I decided that I'll pass the link to my old website to you guys. Current Broken Links: Wrestling Movies (Believe it or not, I use to make flash wrestling videos, with music and everything, just got to find the links to show you guys one day) http://www.1wiz.cjb.net If link doesn't work try: http://1pw.homestead.com/ [its wrestling as in WWF or WWE] Unfortunattely I am kind of hating wrestling now and for one the site was never popular at all. For me it was a waste of time. So I stopped updating it and I turned to emulation! (Wow, what a good choice that was )
  2. I myself am still suprised today that this site has so many members and is constantly updated. Believe it or not, I had no idea what I was in for. But I am so happy, that I made a website that actually has members! Thank You everyone.
  3. Wow.. its some preety nice stuff. Hope you get it soon Emsley because I sure as hell would want one now!
  4. Yeah plus everyone got their signature pictures working! Which I didn't know you can do, since I disabled HTML.
  5. I got to admit. We now have a section for everything on emulation! Future Emulation Mugen Emulation Vintage Emulation General Console Emulation General Arcade Emulation FTP's & Weblinks Rom Requesting Current Affairs Emul Softwares ( ) Did I miss anything... We even now have 144 members, last time I checked. And a wopping total of 1921 articles. Keep the posting going... While I make the new site design too.. which will be done soon.
  6. Woohh.. Done. Check your PM A.S.A.P. IJTF-Cinder Another Proposition.. BTW: What do you guys think of General Vintage Emulation ------------------------------- Vintage Computer Emulation Think its ok? Enjoy Everyone
  7. I think: Macromedia Dreamweaver Is most likely the best. The reason why is: 1. User Friendly 2. Don't Need To Know Html 3. Stable & Fast 4. You can edit basically any page easily.
  8. I have no idea. Oh well, still looks awesome.
  9. Cool. I'll make the section A.S.A.P. Just give me the exact title or name you want for the section!
  10. Download it below! LINK DELETED Screenshots:
  11. Allright just added our site to SiteAdd.. It added it to some search engines. Hmm... but not Yahoo or the main big ones. If you guys can manually submit it to yahoo, since I have to attend an important meeting right now and see if you can post it on some forums too, but not A@H or EmuParadise, period. I already posted my site on A@H and EmuParadise hates EmulForums. Why, I have no idea. So just post it on other forums if you can. Any help would be apreciatted.
  12. Wow! We're in google.com, I swear I had no idea. Well thats a start. Yahoo and all the other ones would be nice too and some forums, not to be requesting anything. But this can help the site substantially.
  13. BTW, I don't think we are listed in any search engines, period. I'll see if I have time later on this week, I can submit, but it would be very helpfull if you guys can help out too.
  14. If you guys can, since I am so busy, and my internet is like timed now. Since I only have one phone line, I was hoping that you guys can submit this site to some search engines. Like yahoo or google. Believe it or not, I don't think we are listed there. Or post our link in your signature in other forums or just post it in other forums since this site needs to be more known. If you guys got an ideas post them here, I am working on a new site design for the front page too. So keep the ideas coming.
  15. Found this off a site, what do you think? Its good if you want to make a site or something.
  16. Hey guys I want to add some avatars to the server, but I have no idea where to get any. Post some sites here so I can upload some avatars to the avatars section.
  17. Yeah a link would be good, this is really something in what people do for money.
  18. So what do you guys think of this new style I just uploaded. If you can't see it, go to your profile settings and as the template set as "subBlack3d". I found the template on another emulation site, coincidently. I may put it as default, but I don't know yet. I don't want to look like another site. At the same time its a good style. I havn't made a logo yet for it, but I will. Enjoy! ~Tell Me What You Think
  19. Nice to have you back Eugen Popovici. As for TapeWurm, I will see if I can talk to him on ICQ. You have surely pleased us all, thanks again Eugen Popovici.
  20. Yeah it wasn't so great for me either. But hey lets just keep telling everyone about this forum and I bet we will tripple our users! We got to be positive, like me good old momma always says.
  21. *JUST FOUND* Links not allowed -Diso Enjoy!
  22. I have been looking for a Windows XP Front-End Patch or something to play Mugen on my computer. Are they any? If so please post a link!
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