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  1. Don't worry about it, its a server problem and it will be fixed soon!
  2. ~Figured Out Who It Is~ Thread Unstickyed PM Me TapeWurm for the person who registered as you. Oh and there is nothing to worry about;).
  3. Like he said you have to copy it in your address bar or either right click the link and click save target as.
  4. They use to, but that was a long time ago!
  5. How did the crowd react when the rope snapped? Was Angle/Benoit vs. Edge/Mysterio a better match or Taker vs. Lesnar? Who got the loudest ovation? How empty was that arena? Were there a lot of comps? What do you and others think of the current WWE product? For instance, did you like the "Katie Vick" storyline, or did you think it was embarassingly bad? Don't you think HHH is boring? Would you rather see RVD or Booker T in the main event?
  6. Well TapeWurm there is another TapeWurm, not sure if it is you or not in EmuParadise too... http://www.emuparadise.org/vbulletin/showt...hlight=tapewurm And Magnis it could be anyone, try posting this thread in A@H too.. they might have answers for you. Because more people know you there and would obviously maybe want to use your username. Otherwise if there is a person here who did it, then say it.
  7. Well we already have a forum for emulators and plugins. As for emulation news...I probally make one soon. A long with an emulation art forum where you can put comic stripts and stuff. > Emulation News --------------------- Emulators And Plugins News & Updates ------------------------------------------------- Get The Latest News On The Best Emulators And Plugins! --------------------------------------------------
  8. This game looks like its for Turbo Grafx 16 or something, but I have no idea what the name is..
  9. I got all of it till the rom dudes came up, after that I had no idea what you were talking about.
  10. Here you go guys, click here for the screenshot of the pro version of Extreme Links!! Tell me what you guys think and if you have any suggestions please post it!
  11. Here are the differences between the Pro Version and the Basic Version: If you can't see it, click here >>
  12. Currently I am now working on Extreme Links Professional. Please, if you have any ideas or anything you think my software should have please post it here. I will be posting screen shots of Extreme Links- Professional soon!
  13. You can just edit the post and put it in there. Thanks You
  14. Hey you guys doesn't astalavista have porno pop-ups. Just wanted to tell you if any of the sites have anything that is over 21 stuff and you know what I mean, please post it before the url so people know.
  15. Yeah it was, but I brought back all the posts so there is nothing to worry about.. so just keep posting.. As for the person who did it, no names please.. Don't Mess With A Cop!
  16. Yes You Can Post For Cracks In The Current Affairs Section, But NO STICKYING ANY OF THEM! I just don't want this to be a daily thing!
  17. Good Job Emsley! Another Good Site To Add To The List!
  18. I'm glad you guys noticed the new smilies and message icons! So what do you think?? My favorite has to be: The graphics are awesome for a smilie!
  19. I heard on another forum the rom is a FAKE, its just a messed up version of Metal Slug 4, that someone made it look like it.. You will get an error message too, when you try to use it! :D
  20. I'll probally think about it for now, because I have to fix this forum again. So it will take some time.
  21. Yeah thats correct as far as I know.. i think:p If you download 1 zip file that is a rom you would extract and play it and if you wanted to zip a rom to upload it well there you go.
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