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  1. Thanks for reminding me to check for a driver update! (I forgot how often they come out.) Unfortunately it's still around 23-27 fps. Oh well, it's probably just the fact that my comp. isn't really built for games... Oh well, at least street fighter ex plus alpha2 runs pretty good still!
  2. I prefer aldos frontend as well, da freaks didn't seem to work properly for me. Has anyone played Rival Schools on Zinc? I can't get the framerate above 30 for some dumb reason. Actually it's probably 'cause I got a crappy intel integrated graphics chipset...
  3. @Emsley- It's not really sci-fi, but it's definetly Fantasy. Very nice characters and original story. I highly recommend it if you haven't read any of them. The first one is called The Eye of the World and there is 9 so far in the series. They're absolutely huge books too, most of them around 900 pages (paperback) or more. @Alexis-David Copperfield by Dickens is one of my all time favorite books. (isn't it Hard Times though and not Difficult Times? i could be wrong...) Good beer delights the heart of man too!
  4. I think it's "Teddy Boy". That guy looks way too happy though! lol
  5. I'm big on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series (woohoo new one coming in Nov!) and pretty much anything by Robert A. Salvatore especially his Dark Elf series.
  6. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I was wondering about the time zones for the forum. I live in the eastern time zone in Canada so I put the time at -5 hours but it listed the time as 10:00pm when it was only 7pm. I just set it at pacific time for now and it lists the right time for me. It's not a big deal, but I thought I'd let you know anyway.
  7. Well there is (was?) a program called romster that I got from download.com once, but it was..........poor. (read: pathetically useless)
  8. Sweet merciful crap! What a sweet little proggie this is! VERY nice GameCop. I hate to think how long that must have taken to gather all of those sites, never mind programming the code! The only complaint that I have is the same one that emsley mentioned; the returning to the top of the list thing. That is but a small matter when you take into consideration the sheer amount of resources it gives you though. Impressive.
  9. SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!! Thanks so much! (Maybe I should RTFM eh? ) Much,much better now! Thanks again!
  10. Hey all. I was just wondering if there was any plugin or add on for mame that would allow better controller configuration? I'm using a ps dual shock with an adapter and I prefer using the d-pad for some games instead of always using the analog stick. Unfortunately mame doesn't seem to have a button config option (unless I happened to miss it). Any ideas?
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