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  1. Seriously this osama thing is getting annoying. They should just get a hot undercover chick and kill him.. well or maybe even George Bush for heavens sake. God only knows where he is now.. DIE OSAMA DIE lol
  2. The download section at mame.dk is back! It still says their roms are down. But when you click on a rom you can download it. Its like a hidden thing so the IDSA doesn't find out. Enjoy!
  3. Yes the time has finally come! Click The Link Below! EmulForums.Cjb.Net will now be redirected to that link. EmulaForums.Cjb.Net though will still be the direct link to the forum. I will soon add all the links we had to the OLD MAIN PAGE and input it to our current designs. Plus we NOW HAVE!! EXCLUSIVE NEWS ON EMULATION!! Yes, you heard right. There is now NEWS on our forum. We will post the latest Emulators and even the best roms and roms sites. You will find this all CURRENTLY availible on the Main Page! Once again: Enjoy! Caution: Make sure you set your default template to " SpacePilot3k " to see the newest sections to the main page!
  4. Check out the newest template: Terayon! Its has a very nice interface! The Good: * Nice Logo * Nice Borders * Makes the color blue look great The Bad: * Distorts Moderator List * Doesn't look good for mods and admins at times Tell me what you think!
  5. Well yeah I guess you're right. Most of the games are heading toward "Punching Out" Usama Bin Ladin. (Its kind of fun though ) But yeah I know where you are heading. Like I said in one of my other posts, for online gaming. http://www.shockwave.com ^^ You'll Find A Variety Of Games There!
  6. Here are two sites that should help you out copying pc games. http://www.gamecopyworld.com http://www.megagames.com Enjoy!
  7. Vote on the poll now and tell us what you think!
  8. You heard right! here is the username and password for admitance. Follow the download instructions they give you or you will experiance problems downloading. Have fun! http://www.emuchina.net username: emuchina password: 20030101 Post Credited To: ME!
  9. Here is another one: people.yahoo.com
  10. Me too.. I have always wanted netplay for PJ64. We are just going to have to wait...
  11. Well I have to be honest I have been working on the new site design now. And I have had no time to update the software. I promise though it will be done right after the new site design which is soon. I wish I can give an exact date. But time is only time which we have to wait for.
  12. Yeah I re-moded Magnis. He is now a mod in the DC Emulation Section. And yes this forum is getting much better.
  13. The best emulator is Zinc probally. For more info getting it to work on XP and everything, please click the below thread! Enjoy!
  14. Welcome Back Eugen Popovici. Its good to see you posting again. P.S. You are trully the best!
  15. The download section at mame.dk is back! It still says their roms are down. But when you click on a rom you can download it. Its like a hidden thing so the IDSA doesn't find out. Enjoy!
  16. I noticed you wrote MSG, are you talking about Madison Square Garden and Survivor Series??
  17. This is the thread to our much coveted rom sites list, which includes only high quality and direct download rom sites. However, before continuing, you shall have to agree to the following: * You will not use the sites in the list for ANY illegal purposes * By illegal purposes we mean, downloading roms for games that you do not legally own and/or distributing them in any manner whatsoever. * EmulForums Emulation Gaming shall not be deemed responsible for any of the actions you undertake, your accessing the list is purely voluntary, and you shall be responsible for your conduct/actions thereafter. * The roms/rom sites are not in ANY way affiliated to the EmulForums Emulation Gaming, we are NOT responsible for their content. * All trademarks/copyrights are the intellectual property of their respective copyright holders, you shall not infringe any proprietry patents/copyrights through the illegal use of these sites in any manner. * By sending the email to the address below, you automatically deem yourself to be bound by the terms of this agreement. * If you post any spam in the add a links section or cloned links, your IP will be banned. If you agree to the terms and conditions spelled out above, please send an e-mail right now to emulforums@getresponse.com and you shall immediately (auto-response) recieve a response with a password for accessing our coveted list. Once you have the password, click on the link below, and enter the username/password you recieve. We do not sell your email address or use it for any spam, for more info, please read our privacy policy. >> Login to "The Coveted List!" http://members.hostedscripts.com/password....ser=emulforumsc >> Email For "The Coveted List" emulforums@getresponse.com
  18. Wow, thanks man. Feel free to request here too.
  19. Just added a ton more to the list: DreamCastLover Enjoy!
  20. I got to admit... Porno popups/ ads almost stopped me to go forward in emulation. I remember, one of the sites, I think it was Retro Games had a bad banner ad, and oh my god..... I almost threw up. It pisses me off how in emulation or warez or even sports sites, can put such crap on their site. How the heck do they get members... If you are a porno fan, then ignore this thread... But I'll tell you this.. get a wife or a girlfriend... please... The problem with the internet today is: 1. Its not filtered correctly, and sometimes full of junk. 2. If you type in one bad word in a search engine, your jaw would drop. 3. Spam, ads/ banners... are always going to be popping on your screen. For example, one of my favorite forums is full of pop-ups/ banners. And you can't use a banner ads blocker or something or the downloads won't work. In fact in the PM box there is a small ad too. Its get so crazy that sometimes your browser will freeze. Why can't they just stick with the tv commercials... lol
  21. I got to admit, once you get into emulation and you download all those games and then boom you feel you have had enough, you have no idea what you got yourself into..... 1. Your mom or dad or wife/ husband is getting mad at you because you are constantly jamming up the phone line or you are downloading so much, that either you get virus. Or you can't do anything but sit and wait for the game to be done. 2. After a while, you notice that you learned so much about emulation that everyday you want more and more. 3. One day, everything starts to go slower and slower... 4. Things don't update as much.... You wait for like 3 months for just one game to be emulated. 5. Once your in one game, you forget about the other. P.S. No admin of a emulation site, will ever tell you the lines told you. I guarentee it! So what do you do??? TWO WORDS: Online Games http://www.shockwave.com (Seriously Good, but starting to ask for $$) Post some more here!
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