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  1. Weird... You should try ( http://www.amazon.com ) or ( http://www.ebay.com) to help you out. Otherwise I have no idea myself.
  2. The points give you points really. There is no prize or anything.
  3. Well some people have been complaining the snow flakes were to big and slow downed their computers. So I reduced the size. And kept it to one image falling. Sorry, but it still looks nice you go to admit!
  4. Yes thats right everyone. We now have board rules. Please check it out, by click the link above your screen. Credit to the fabulous Magnis for his board rules expertice! Otherwise from now on this board goes by the rules. So check it out please. ~
  5. To be honest.. I think this forum has had enough spam lately.. And I really have no idea how to not make it count as posts.
  6. I am very well enabled to add a points system to this board. It is exactly like Chaos Forums! ( http://chaos.miskie.net ) You can donate points, achieve points by posting and so on. Some people say they don't want this site to be anything like a@H, but if you remember the spamming there happened because everyone wanted to get more frags, but they never had the option to get donations. This system is basically a mix of the system at EmuParadise & A@H.. If you want it vote for it. Voting will be closed in a week!
  7. Basically the stars just show your rank in EmulForums. Like if you are a moderator, you have 5 stars. If you are emulation master, 4 stars. It just visually shows your rank.
  8. Me too! Me too! Give me the link to please. Sounds interesting...
  9. Yes thats right! I added a ton of new avatars. Try them out and enjoy! We have anime avatars and fightgen characters. Just go into your profile and you can set it! Enjoy!
  10. Yes thats right. I added a new XBOX Stars Ranking System. It looks best under the " SpacePilot3k " template! If you find better ones, give a post! Enjoy the holidays folks.
  11. Well everyone, its been 2 weeks now. And EmulForums is back up. All the spam has been deleted and we have enabled account activation. If you see anyone spam, purposely, please send me or a mod a PM. Otherwise everything is now back to normal. We are now even a affiliate with http://www.miskie.net and you can enter our site now with another link http://emulforums.miskie.net ! I have added many enhancments with this board. If you experience any problems please give me a PM or send a message to one of mods. Not only that EmulForums was bought by Backup Gaming Club, and is now under their control. I am still a admin of the forum. But when something goes wrong, they will take over. Their site will be up soon. If you have any other questions, please post it in this thread.
  12. Sure I'll get the snow... lol.. anyways yeah the snowflakes are nice. If the forum gets a little slow, its probally becuase of your browser and or connection. Just change your style from " spacepilot3k " and all we be well!
  13. A watch and some clothes... Not that much. What do you guys think about the snow flakes. Falling on the board?
  14. You too XXLEngima! EmulForums is back once again to extravagate the emulation society. This is the people's forum!
  15. One of the great emulator for the Dreamcast Console has been updated and released..Here's the following changes: Supported *almost fullspeed emulation * sound emulation * extra sound emulation * optimized PPU emulation * optimized CPU emulation * optimized bank switching * FDS emulation (need disksys.rom) * normal NES save to VMU (with compression) * statesave to VMU (with compression) * statesave to Dreamcast memory (as temporary save) * game genie * NNNesterJ cheat code * 4players game * autofire * NES reset * adjust Dreamcast's screen position * NES external devices - Family Keyboard (controlled by Dreamcast Keyboard) - Optical Gun (controlled by Dreamcast Controller, Dreamcast Mouse) - Space Shadow Gun (controlled by Dreamcast Controller, Dreamcast Mouse) - Hyper Shot (controlled by Dreamcast Controller) - Crazy Climber (controlled by Dreamcast Controller) - Microphone (controlled by Dreamcast Controller) - Arkanoid Paddle (controlled by Dreamcast Mouse) - Mahjong Controller (controlled by Dreamcast Keyboard) * Dreamcast devices - Dreamcast Controller - Arcade Stick - Dreamcast Keyboard (jp106 only) - Dreamcast Mouse - VGA - VMU * directories on CD-ROM filesystem (in ROM select menu) * display information on VMU LCD. * VMU remove menu. (you can erase VMU data easily) * virtual maple port binding on Dreamcast Controllers. (you can bind DCNES controllers correspondence, like binding Dreamcast Controller #2 as NES Controller #0). Unsupported * Dreamcast device support - Dreamcast Light Gun - Dreamcast Keyboard (except jp106) - Dreamcast Racing Controller - Dreamcast Twin Stick - etc... Known Bugs * generate petit-noise on Kirby-adventure, Hoshi-no-kirby. Download it here! Credited To: Magnis
  16. Yeah it really makes me sad what Tim is doing to A@H. I mean, without A@H, I would seriously be nobody! As a matter of fact my thread is still the top posting thread in views and replies if you click on satistics. I just wish Tim would take off the banners and pop-ups like it used to be.
  17. Have you guys noticed that there is now a side banner in the A@H Forum. I can not even believe it! It takes 2/4 of your screen for crying out loud.... Here's a screenshot: or http://www.arcadeathome.com/forums I promise you guys this I will never have banners or popups on my site. 1. You get no members.. 2. No one ever clicks the links. Tim is even threating that if you don't click the link he is going to put "Tower" ads... I mean its only a $180 to host a site... I don't know TIM, but if I were him like a said I would take it out immediatly! Check out the newest conversation on it here: http://www.arcadeathome.com/forums/viewthr...d.php?tid=15578 P.S. If TIM is reading this post, please take that banner out its all over my screen too.. and its slows down the site.
  18. Dang. This is awesome. Now I can record all the music from Street Fighter and stuff. Thanks for the info.
  19. After the last inconvenients whit the 1.0 and 1.0a releases, of the emu loading and running tool, @ruantec Emu-Selector, @ruantec-Man and Gismo released a new version of the tool, hoping this time to have no more troubles. Here are the news for this release: Changes: * The load shortcut support has been turned off (due several problems loading.lnk * The same compatibilites as the V.0.1b(the best release) * Now the selector start.exe files not.lnk files * some errors are fixed now(now you will be able to start the emus again!) * Always on top option added. Note: * I really sorry for the last releases....... * check the readme.txt file for more infos. * this release is the work and hard tests of me(@ruantec-Man) and Gismo So great news for the users who where having troubles with the tool (like me ::> Download @ruantec Emu-Selector from here. ::> Visit @ruantec Emu-Selector Site, to get more info and news. ::> The rest of the news credited to NGEmu.
  20. Over at the Satourne Site, ben-J has posted some news about the current progress of the emu, and also has posted some screenshots of it. Since the site is on francais I could not understand so much on it, but thanx to babelfish: here are this pretty captures of a version in development of Satourne: Fatal Fury Real Bout Special If not, about a news version, Fabien Autrel has much job and there remains a good number of elements to be released so that the emulator is usable easily. But please know that Motorola 68000 processor, using a bus of 16 bits and addresses on 24 bits, has been integred quickly this last weekend... perhaps too quickly... because the emulation is badly slowed down by it. To follow... Great improving on this emu, hope to see more news about it soon. ^^ Update Seems like the babelfish traslation was awfull enough for me to misunderstand the real meaning of the news (it was exactly the opposite at what was posted , anyway I just updated it so the real news are posted now. So thanx to Ghim for the traslation and the real news. ^^ ::> Visit the Satourne Site to see the whole pics. ::> Thanx to Emulatronia for the news. (spanish site) ::> Thanx To NgEMU for the news too.
  21. Hmm... makesure you have the latest version... http://www.pj64.net Plus you may need to get some plugins... try: http://www.ngemu.com, I'll look for some direct links soon.
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