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  1. Nah, 1Emu loves Aussies. Where would it be without us? Aussies are unique
  2. 4 years and you are still quite full of yourself. LOL! You might think that. I made a decision nearly 5 years ago that I was no longer "adding some fuel to the fire" at romshare. I had enough of what truly happened behind the scenes. I'm glad I did that. I only regret one thing and yes I am serious: Where the hell was the "good side" of me. The positive side of myself. I did not show it on romshare. Thats what I am in real life. I am not a no good moron with no life and never was and never will If I could, I would go back 5 years ago and would be the member I SHOULD of been! From that day in 2003 I decided to not be a active member. Also "The Stallion" is long GONE!!!
  3. Hello Everyone! Its been years since I've been on here. I've been lurking on another bunch of forums these past years and under a new name, Ph33r Viper. Well, The name of Viper Sniper007 is infamous for something... ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ GONE are the days where I used to terrorize a site called Romshare/Emuchina. The story goes something like this... I used to have a wonderful time flaming and ranting at them. Romshare is NOTHING these days as the public server has been down for at least 6 months. IMO, It will vanish off the internet within 2 years if it doesnt get properly maintained. The forum is slow and there was once over 40,000 members. Now there is only 3,000 and nearly all of them have vanished. The Original Mods have either stepped down or been banned one way or another. Emuchina/Romshare might have been a good site back in the day but it is now NOTHING! The truth is, I was never my true self on that forum. They never got to see the "nice" person I am. Today, I'm glad that I have never signed up to another forum that have Mods or Admins that truly abuse their power. At one point it got so bad, someone made threats against the chinese people. I know for a fact they were desperate to get rid of me so someone tried to be ME! Yes, someone made the username Viper SniperOO7. The "user" that posted the racist remarks was behind a anonymous proxy from Italy. I have never seen anything like that before. Thats not the worst incident I've heard about, One mod decided to flame the living crap out of the admins! what actually happened I dont know but he got burnt allright! I may have done things the wrong way but I knew there is better sites out there today We Have Bittorrent, IRC and the other methods of getting Roms and ISO's off the net. The bottom line is: I will be remembered as "The Stallion", They should call me the "The Infamous Stallion". I said that I would build a website that had every Rom and ISO in the world. Never going to happen because I know other websites do have The Roms and ISO's people are looking for. ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ There you have it! I should be more active but unfortunetly I dont have the time for Emulation these days I never want to see behavior like that on the Romshare / Emuchina forums or any forum again! Funny thing is I'm still a member on that forum. As for my attitude goes, Its been perfectly normal since that mod that flamed the admins got totally BURNT! That incident happened in the middle of 2003. Thanks for reading and hope you guys are well Viper Sniper007 AKA Ph33r Viper
  4. thanks guys. i have been too busy with some other forums. im currently a Super Moderator at www.p2presence.com on the forums there. only got 28 members so you guys should join up if you want. Plus my name there is Ph33r Viper.
  5. thats right im back. i havent had the time to post here because having stupid issues with the emuchina forums. I am glaad to be back to this site. I like to say Hello to the Mods And Gamecop.
  7. I tel, you guys something. HACK the Attackers Computer. for what he has done to the forum here he deserves to get hacked. another thing tell his/her ISP on this issue BANN HIS ASS NOW
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