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  1. Your just jealous that I'm at a higher level then you It's okay though, don't be shy..... Kneel down before me and grovel at my feet.
  2. He's that guy..... Well with so few posts how are we suppose to remember you?
  3. I actually like samurai champloo the best although cowboy bebop has it's moments.. 3rd and fourth would probably go to Naruto and Bleach... I had all of them on my hd before they hit us airwaves and am currently waiting for the naruto fillers to end...
  4. sonic the hedgehog for genesis and strider for nes.. I use to run through them allday on one life...
  5. The Elder Scrolls Morrowind and oblivion..... to damn long (I have to do everything or nothing to be happy).
  6. Cool, can I "Borrow" it from you? lol j/k I started to buy norton ghost but It never said it could copy a bootable drive and allow the copy to boot also. I tried one free program that copied all files and the windows folder but it still wasn't bootable... Have you actually copied your boot drive with it and used the copy as master? if so I might go ahead and get that..
  7. The Situation....I bought a 160gb raptor to put in my new comp and was wanting to use it as the boot drive but I don't want to lose any current installed programs or files.. What I was hoping to do was use hdclone and just clone my current 160 gb samsung to the raptor but I have the free version and it tells me that I can only clone from a smaller to a larger drive with the free version.. To clone from the same size or to a smaller drive I need atleast the basic version of hdclone. I would just buy the basic version and call it a day but I'm cheap and don't want to spend anymore money.. So does anyone know of a free hardrive cloning program that I could use? or an easy alternative?
  8. Ahh, your right... I new about how they came up with the number but the symle confused me lol.. thx...
  9. magic-gopher Hmm, Since I'm not smart enough to figuire this out will someone explain to me the trick behind it?
  10. someboddy is an ass Have fun doing whatever it is a solidius does and all that other bullshit
  11. I'm l33t no matter what my post count is
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