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  1. Hello, share a new cheat for Street Fighter Zero 2 alpha (Asian Phoenix Edition, sfz2ald.zip). Just like before, it includes a Console Mode cheat: Activate the cheat at start-up. On the title screen, press up or down to select modes: Arcade, Versus, Training, Survival, Akuma/Gouki, Dramatic Battle. In training mode, press select and then start to select character. You don't need the second controller for selection. Shin Akuma/Gouki is unlockable by start button in all modes. The coin button is used for pause game during battle. Beside this, there also a few cheats for changing the background color in Title Screen and Player Select Screen: *Green Player Select Screen: It is the color used in the original alpha 2. Activiate and then close it. The effect will be lasting until the emulator is closed. This work on the modes that originally have yellow Player Select Screen. Effect can be overrided by 'Blue Player Select Screen' or 'Special Player Select Screen'. Blue Player Select Screen & Special Player Select Screen: They are original used in the hidden modes. So, these two cheats work on the non-hidden modes only. *Brown Title Screen: It is the color used in the original alpha 2. Activiate and then close it. The effect will be lasting until the emulator is closed. *Light Blue Title Screen: It is the color used in the alpha 2 Gold. Activiate and then close it. The effect will be lasting until the emulator is closed. Stop Flashing on Title Screen: use when necessary... P.S. there involves hacking of rom image for the cheats with *, so it is best to follow the instruction as stated. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PGKQeUTF4FlkysSGN-32BodB84Si_2Yu/view?usp=share_link
  2. Hello, mer-curious, it seems that i am misunderstanding the winning quotes you are talking about. You means the game cannot display the japanese text in the winning screen, right? I didn’t experience this problem in sfad.zip, but happened in the sfz2ald.zip (street fighter zero 2 alpha asian Phoenix edition). However, I don’t know what cause the problem. (So sad that I notice the problem after I finished the console mode script for sfz2ald.zip.)
  3. Hello, mer-curious. The cheat to change the region is useful to me, as it provides me the address to identify the region of the game, so i can update my script next time to change the name “gouki” or “akuma” in the menu according to the region selected. For the region of the game, as i know only the japanese version use the name gouki and nash, but the zero sprite use in a few version other than the japanese ver. I also test the winning quotes in the japanese ver, and there is no problem for me. Bear in mind that it is the consecutive winning quotes in which it will return to 0 (not display anymore) when losing a battle afterward. When you win a battle again, it shows “1 win”, because the previous wins are not counted.
  4. Hello, mer-curious, my cheat also work on street fighter zero, i mean switching the region to japanese in the phoenix edition rom. However, on the menu, the word “akuma” is not changed to “gouki” automatically. Yet, you can open the txt file and edit it yourself. Search the text #akuma/gouki# and you will find a part with comment like #$41/$47# on each line. Here deal with the menu text for akuma/gouki. The number($) on the left side of the comment is for the us version (akuma)and right side for jp version (gouki). Use these number on the poke instructions, there are totally 4 letters needed to changed. P.S. Will try to add more important information on the cheat file. P.S.2 I also prefer to play on the japanese version, as there is special bgm in the dramatic mode. But the us version seems more common…….
  5. Thank you for trying the cheat.
  6. Hello, just update the cheat for Street Fighter Alpha (phoenix edition, sfad.zip). Now, the "vs mode"," training mode"," pause" are combined into one: "Console Mode". And the "Enable Bosses" keeps seperated. (*The “console mode “ cheat does not work in free play mode in which the title screen is skipped. In my cheat, you don’t have to worry about the credit.) Features and how to use: Enable the cheat at the startup. Then the title screen becomes the menu screen. Press up or down to select the mode. There includes a few modes: Arcade, Verus, Training, Akuma/Gouki, Dramatic. Training Mode: After player 1 have chosen character, then controller 1 can use to select character of player 2 and vice versa. To change character, press the coin button first and then start putton (no more "New Challenger" screen in the update.) Versus Mode: Not rely on savestate after the update. Akuma/Gouki, Dramatic Mode: these are included in the original txt file. I just add them in the “console mode” cheat. Pause function: the coin button to pause game during battle is included in the "Console Mode" script. Enable bosses: press down button in the ?box to select the 3 bosses. It is just like the ps or ss version (after entering the codes for the first time.) Please find the download link at the first post of the topic.
  7. Hello Tux. I delete the hi score file and the problem is gone. Yet, I still don’t know what exactly I have done wrong to damage the hi score file (highly possible that some problems in the process of making my cheat script). I am so sorry that I waste you so much time on testing it. Thank you for your great efforts on this topic.
  8. Sorry, I forget to mention the game that I talk about. The problem that I am talking about is the street fighter alpha phoenix edition (sfad.zip). This phoenix edition have the function to switch the game region (press u at start up). However, no matter what region I set there is alway problem in the score (ranking) screen after the opening. To see this problem, just start the game, do not press the coin button, and see the whole opening.
  9. Hello, everyone. I would like to share some cheats for Raine. I am focusing on the old fighting games to make them more console-like, i.e. adding the versus mode or practice mode, etc. If there are any new cheats or update, I will upload them here. Street Fighter Alpha (Phoenix Edition, sfad.zip): (Updated on 21 Jan 2023) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QHScJsE7SKSr5jQGSF1LaBPxBU2P0bpp/view?usp=share_link Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (rbffspec.zip): (Updated on 8 Jan 2023) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w4Uu8jKu7heY7hiW9HR5Y17lS8Rhz7y4/view?usp=share_link
  10. I didnt open any cheat when testing the game. It shows glitch on the score screen after watching the full opening. If I switch the region of the game (by pressing u at the beginning) to japanese, it even crash at the score screen.
  11. Thank you for introducing the Phoenix Edition of the cps2 games, Tux. The poke function in the cheat script can modify the rom part of this game. However, there is some minor problem that after watching the opening, it will crash at the score screen. Anyway, I will make my cheat in the Phoenix Edition.
  12. Hello, Tux. Recently, I try making some cheat script which involved changing the value of the rom part by the poke function. There is no problem when dealing with the neogeo or cps1 rom. However, for cps2 rom, it seems that the poke function cannot change the value of the rom part. I try to make the following script which suppose to break the operation of the game, but nothing happened. Please advise. script "test" run: lpoke $150 $00000000 lpoke $523 $00000000 lpoke $1150 $00000000 lpoke $1250 $00000000 lpoke $5150 $00000000 lpoke $8234 $00000000 lpoke $15123 $00000000 lpoke $15234 $00000000
  13. I try the cps1 street fighter 2. The menu is different without clear explanation. I press all button to try, but nothing is changed in the dip switch (which can change game level and coin setting, etc)
  14. Just found the setting menu (dip switch) by pressing U button at the beginning, but I don't know how to make changes on this page?
  15. How can I access to the game setting menu for cps1 game? I mean the one which can set the cpu difficulty, etc.
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