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WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 4 Released!

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WinUAE is a Amiga & Amiga CD32 emulator for Windows.

- changing joystick options in ports-tab caused joystick to not respond in some cases
- bad performance on laptops with power saving enabled
- mouse handling updates
- RDB SmartFileSystem 1.58 (and older?) crash fixed
- more filesystem bug fixes
- uaescsi.device reset crash on Win9x
- some games had problems detecting slow ram (for example Lotus 3), fixed
- MIDI SYSEX buffer overflows fixed
- sound timing always defaulted back to PAL when WinUAE lost or gained focus, fixed
- more ALT-TAB switching problems fixedja

New features:
- improved FPS counter
- filesystem notification (ACTION_ADD_NOTIFY, ACTION_REMOVE_NOTIFY) support added and more..
- CD-led is lit when CD32 audio track is playing
- new keyboard shortcuts: PAUSE-pause emulation, PAUSE+END-turbo speed
- CAPS-image support (http://www.caps-project.org/)
- Catweasel MK3 support (joystick ports, keyboard and Zorro2-board emulation for multidisk.device) Card base address must be manually added to configuration file (catweasel_io=0x????). This will be fixed when real driver supporting all Catweasel features is available.
- 1.5MB slow RAM support

Get it at - [url="http://www.winuae.net/"]http://www.winuae.net/[/url]

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