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How much have you payed in all for video games?

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I myself have payed close to $4,000. I bought the Nintendo with 10 games, Super Nintendo with 8 games, Nintendo 64 with 15 games, and GameBoy Color with 3 games. Last but not least I got a Dreamcast with 2 games.

How much have you payed, (plus you have to add all the extra controllers + memory cards). :twisted: :lol:



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Hmmm I had over 30 games for NES, more than 50 for Genesis, than +30 for Saturn, around 15 for GBC, 10 for GameGear, Around 25 games for N64 and almost 20 games for PS2.

Not counting the PC Games. I know i´ve spent alot of money...ugg not me but my parents.. :twisted:




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i average around 200-500 dollars or so.

I don't really buy many games anymore. I find myself buying more utilities than games because you really need some of them to play.

(Imagine going 3 weeks with an rpg u just bought with NO MEMORY CARD)

My brother likes to download them off the internet before I get a chance to buy the game :twisted:

Usually, my parents/brothers buy games and i just play their games.

Otherwise, I can play a game for a long time (starcraft)



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Way too much to tally up.
I own approx 300 retail PC games alone. (Possibly alot more)
30 N64 games, 20 someodd PSX games...........etc etc.

Thousands of dollars easily.



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Probably in excess of £3000 for:

Galaxy Invaders 1000
Donkey Kong Jr G&W
ZX Spectrum +3
Sega Megadrive & Mega CD
Nintendo Gameboy
Amiga 600
Amiga 1200 CD HD
486 DX100
K6-II 500
1700 XP



    The Cult of Personality

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4 nes
6nes controllers
master system
2 snes
4 controllers
3 rf switches
55 games
2 battery packs
35 games
2 genesis
3 contollers
1 rf switch
50 games
1gameboy color
15 games
1turbo graphx 16
1 controller
15 games
1 sega saturn
2 controllers
12 games
1 game gear
1 battery pack
25 games
2 dreamcast
2 controllers
3 games
3 psx
6 controllers
approx 150-175 games
1 ps2
3 controllers
10-12 mem cards total(for all Systems)
22 ps2 games
around 400-450 cpu games
total=25,000-35,000 not including rentals lol



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if i would have to be as detailed as solidius, then i would be here a VERY long time. especially if i have to enclude all the quarters ive spent at the arcade aswell. :(

minus the quarters, and the games, consoles, etc ive gotten as gifts, id say its probably around $15000-20000. now add the price of all the games and all that ive gotten as gifts, it would probably be double, or even triple that. :wink:



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A heck of a lot.

I have over 100 original Dreamcast games, some of them rare. all of that plus my consoles probably cost me around £4000 (yes my name and my sig I drew don't lie :wink: )

I have a Gamecube with 10 games which has set me back about £500

GBA plus flashcart plus 20 or so games another £500

Xbox plus 20+ games £800

Sega Nomad + Megadrive plus 80 games £600-700 maybe

Gameboy Mono & Gameboy Color plus 48 games £1200

PC games (not including the PC) around £2000

Game Gear plus ~50 games £700

Sega Saturn + 15 games £400

Nintendo 64 + 30 games £500

SNES + 30 or so games £450

Wonderswan + 5 games £80

Amiga 500+ with over 600 games £200 yeah I pirated most of them :(

Playstation with 30 or so originals £500

So I add up all those approximations and I get around £13500 which is $20000 or so. I probably missed stuff out too.

When I look at it like that it does seem A LOT but you know what? It was all totally worth it ;)



    The Cult of Personality

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crap i forgot about my game cube and 1 game lol and my xbox and 2 games



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Good question, I have never really tjhought about it. I have been playing ganes for about 25 years:

10 games a year average

$30 a game average

10 games x 25 years = 250 games (sounds about right)

250 games x $30 = $7500

This does not inlude systems (2600, Intellivision, Colecovision, 5200, C64, C128, Amiga, 7800, Nintendo, Master system, SNES, Sega, 32x, Sega CD, 3DO, PSX, N64, N64 Again, First PC, Second PC, Third PC. Even at an average of $300 a system this would equal $6600, and thats way low, cause my last pc put me out $3800 alone.

I guess it is around $15000 - to $20000 over the last 25 years. WOW...thanks for ruining my day :roll: lol



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30 bucks a game?!?!? wow i usualy pay 60 at most.... where do you get off paying so cheap?

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