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1Emulation.Com in EGM, APRIL 2006 ISSUE!

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Posted Image

After 4 very long years looking for a break, it looks like 1Emulation finally found it! EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) which is the #1 Video Game Magazine in the United States has put a little spotlight on's DS2Key Forum. Not only is it a spotlight, but it's rated #9 in their "The Hot 10, this stuff's so hot right now" page! You can find it exactly on Page 68 in the April, 2006 issue. It's been such a shocking and amazing experience that really words can not describe it fully. All the members and staff have been amazed all day, ready to show their friends and family. It's brought me such joy personally that I actually went to buy the magazine until I realized that it won't be on the shelves until early next week. However, you can still get it online digitally via Zinio. (Hint: Free Subscription for EGM can be found using Google)

It brings me back to when people said to us that this site would fail when we wanted to go legit, and boy, we proved them wrong! And really, the biggest thank you goes to Stephen Stair (SgStair) who developed DSWifi for the Nintendo DS and was willing to make a forum here on 1Emulation. Without him, we'd really be struggling right now. And lastly, to Sypherce, the author of DS2Key, who ultimately got us in the magazine for his wonderful app based on DSWifi!

Thanks to all who made this happen and to everyone who is still waiting to get validated (after registering) on 1Emulation, we'll have it done in a moment. :D

So don't forget to pick up that magazine from your nearest bookstore, drugstore, newsstand, or wherever you go, next week!

P.S. The first person who takes a picture of themselves while pointing to the part of the page in EGM (the magazine) will get payed back the full price of the magazine via Paypal. ($7) [Post in this thread or PM it to me]

The 1Emulation Family

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OMFG, this is the best day of my life!!!! from now on 1emu will be known across the world and hell lot of people will join and then we'll get money and the forum will get even better!!

*calm myself down*

congrat to all 1emu staff and members



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Congratulations to 1emulation staff and members! :D




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It's about time things looked up. :)

Thanks of course to sgstair, and then Pointless, sypherce, Sintax, InfernoDS and the other programmers who have joined us.

And Two9A, mic and doublec who got us started on the DS road.

Congrats to you all. :D



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Well, this is great news, I think.

Never imagined it would happen to a forum of all places :D



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I know exactly how good this feels, my site has been on German Media a couple of times.



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congrats 1emu and staff, and everyone else here really :D



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Very nice, Its good to see things are turning around :D




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A big congratulations to all of you!!! :D May there be more :)



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That's just awesome.


We rock.



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Big congrats :thumbsup1:

Man I've had the Zinio version of this EGM for about a week now, but hadn't gotten around ot reading it.

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