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1Emulation.Com in EGM, APRIL 2006 ISSUE!

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This day would inevitably come, congratulations to 1emu and staff! :thumbsup1:

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BTW i was in borders today and i immediatley started going through their mags, and they had it!!! i tore it open and looked through it and saw it and i was like ZOMG THERE IT IS!!! and then i realized im supposed to buy it before opening it and slowly sneaked out of the store


Ill buy my copy later when im not with girls and stuff hehe, even though i did explain what it was all about to them and they probably think im a huge dork now but i dont really care.

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Just wonderfull, I allways knew that 1emulation will become the biggest resource in the net, now the best seller of gaming news added the site in a very good place. Now is #9, but fasten your belts because probably next release will place 1emulation in #1, you GameCop and all the team deserve that and MORE!




See ya!!!! :P:P

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