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Ur favorite clothes...


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Mainly Goodwill clothes. Some Gap. Colors are usually dark shirt with light pants (or jeans) or light shirt with dark pants (or jeans). And these types of shoes for normal days: http://altura.speedera.net/ccimg.catalogci...cts/3600041.jpg


The days that I have to go to the hospital or some official thing then I wear proper slacks, a collar shirt, and black shoes.


I'm sure -Violence- would love this thread and he'll lobby for a fashion section again. :P

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a mix of rags and riches, i go to the goodwill,salvation army, and other vintage stores but when it comes to shoes i go all out Versace, Gucci, Armani, and sever designer boots from Italy, i also have a large selection of tailored suit (a favorite pastime) i like my pants tight with flair at the end, and alot of boa's

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