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Ur favorite clothes...


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Jeans, dark blue, not baggy, but not tight. Runners. I wear T-shirts, and I try to wear one's without some big name on them, because when I wear stuff like that, I feel like a walking advertisement. I like long sleeve, tight fitting tops too (I'm not buffed or anything though).


I usually prefer darker colours, but lighter in summer.


When I feel abit gothy/metalheadish/alternative, I wear metal braclets and metal necklaces - my fav is a necklace with a sword/dagger hanging off it. Or I wear a punk/goth bracelet, with studs and chains on it.


It all depends on my mood in the morning.

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Recently i went to a charity shop, i got my self some wikid bermuda shorts, a pair in blue with coconuts on them and some awesome pink ones with green palm trees, they have wholes in them but i like them.

I also got a bart simpson top that was way to small for me , its got bart on the front with a catapult saying "eat my shorts"...

I look so cool.

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Usally Some Black Or Grey Dickies Shorts, And My Volcom Belt, A Volcom Shirt(A Must), And Right Now Its My Black Volcom Sweater. And Van's Shoes.

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