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I want Tetris Attack in there dammit.

We need a lot of things. I seriously support going through every SNES/Genesis/Arcade game of old what has a high score table, and making a program that records it all. Enough of this flash gaming I say! I want Gradius, and ZAMN, and Tetris Attack, and hordes of other titles. And then we need a BIG high score table! It needs it's own page! With the High Scores on all the titles.


I don't know how that could ever possibly work without an amount of effort no one with programming knowledge is willing to put forth. You'd have to crack each games individual code, find a way to export the score, and then send it to the table.

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I think the current game is fine. Short, simple and addictive ;)

But Tetris Attack is short , simple and ungodly addictive. We need it. Fast.

What is Tetris Attack?

The best SNES game ever.




Is it the same as Bejeweled which can be found in the Arcade? Look the same to me!

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