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  1. They'd be doing you a favor. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Whateva............hater
  2. Is FBA XXX an actual update from the FBA crew? Or is it another person's update like the Surreal 64 updates recently.
  3. Thats all I need is an update that I install and watch my PSP go up in flames. I think I'll just wait till sony distributes it.
  4. Finally got them all, There freakin awesome...to bad most of the mame games run slow.
  5. Anyone know where I can find covers for these Emulator discs? I already have BAED 1 dvd cover and Label. BAED 2 DVD cover.
  6. I've always liked the X-arcade version. I use the Solo one.
  7. Thru the UMDs. Probably have like music videos and stufff like that.
  8. From an interview I watched at gamespot, Sony said that there is no region lock on the games only on the UMD videos and music.
  9. WHat a waste of money and time. Hope a plastic shard got lodged in his tire.
  10. Well just finished playing Ridge Racers, It's a sweet game, The graphics just dominate the DS version. The controls are very arcadey and it has a pretty good soundtrack. No Regrets on importing the psp. I'll be importing lumines soon.
  11. Will you promise to post it on the forum? hehe
  12. Does it have a rotatable screen? for shooters?
  13. That is pretty ghetto. Wonder how long it's gonna last you.
  14. I tried the DS but didn't get into it. The lineup for it doesn't excite me like the PSP lineup does. I already imported mine and got Ridge Racers for it. Gonna go today and pick up the game at the post office. Can't wait!
  15. My friend actually used that kit, he told me it was a biatch to hook up since the instructions don't tell you the details. I have an empty sitdown cabinet and I want to give this product a try myself......even though the instructions are worthless
  16. Nice cab I have a neo candy cab myself. There pretty sweet. Gonna be gutting mine out and turning it into a xbox mame/fighter machine. If you got the room for it, go for it.
  17. and back to topic...... If you don't notice I changed out the analog sticks. 10x better
  18. Looks like BAED 2 just got reposted at alt.binaries.games.xbox Hopefully 3a and 3b will be posted at the end of the day.
  19. Damn missed it. ooh well.....Guess I'll wait for a Repost
  20. Can someone Pm me the link to the Torrent or atleast pm me when it's gonna be reposted on the Newsgroups? Just got the last repost of BAED1
  21. I hope the battery will last as long as my gba. Thats the #1 killer in handhelds.
  22. I think the only thing good that came out in this year's superbowl was Janet's boob. Other then that, it was pretty boring IMO.....
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