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  1. They'd be doing you a favor. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Whateva............hater
  2. Is FBA XXX an actual update from the FBA crew? Or is it another person's update like the Surreal 64 updates recently.
  3. Thats all I need is an update that I install and watch my PSP go up in flames. I think I'll just wait till sony distributes it.
  4. Finally got them all, There freakin awesome...to bad most of the mame games run slow.
  5. Anyone know where I can find covers for these Emulator discs? I already have BAED 1 dvd cover and Label. BAED 2 DVD cover.
  6. I've always liked the X-arcade version. I use the Solo one.
  7. Thru the UMDs. Probably have like music videos and stufff like that.
  8. From an interview I watched at gamespot, Sony said that there is no region lock on the games only on the UMD videos and music.
  9. WHat a waste of money and time. Hope a plastic shard got lodged in his tire.
  10. Well just finished playing Ridge Racers, It's a sweet game, The graphics just dominate the DS version. The controls are very arcadey and it has a pretty good soundtrack. No Regrets on importing the psp. I'll be importing lumines soon.
  11. Will you promise to post it on the forum? hehe
  12. Does it have a rotatable screen? for shooters?
  13. That is pretty ghetto. Wonder how long it's gonna last you.
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