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The NEXT Step For 1Emulation! Please Read.

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damn man, see what money hungry bastages can do? These new rules and stuff are tough, but necessary. I live in a democracy. So i think i am allowed to say Screw all who are against emulation. That means any feds browsing this site should leave now, I hate you, and so does everyone else, the reason why you became a fed, is because your a loser, and everyone hates you, you have no friends.


I feel slightly better now, anyone who is a member of this board, and is in the law enforcement business, i apologize, unless your trying to shut us down >_<

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Daaaaaamn! Too much Bush crticism in the emu scene, maybe? :D

Yet another reason to despise those "Green card lottery. Enter now!" ads :punk:


Seriously, undercover since May? That's unbelievable. All that for emulation stuff... Well, I guess that's the most valid reason there can be to remove the "request roms" forum. RIP rom links...


Just wondering, have you thought about moving the server abroad? And has any of the regulars here been a victim of this?

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