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The NEXT Step For 1Emulation! Please Read.

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Recently one of the direct connect networks got attacked by the US Government and FBI agents. This direct connect network is UDGNet, UnderGround Network. EmuNet is the same as UDGNet.. just for emulation and of course a lot smaller but still has a few hubs. Which infact roms can be catergorized as illegal software. I am no longer a part of EmuNet and 1Emulation has already been seperated from it. I will not risk even 1% of my real life for an emulation site and it has been a wake up call for all of us. That means getting a warning or being sued by a game company or even worse, having an FBI cybercrime agent browse this site and potentially have us shut down forever. We take this very seriously. This entire time we have been trying our best to go little by little as legal as possible.


»» http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&ned=us&q...tnG=Search+News


We honestly never wanted to delete the rom request forum to begin with or even touch it, you guys know this of me. The problem is, we are tired of having to worry everyday about 1Emulation. All of us care about this place, otherwise we wouldn't be posting here or even coming here. 1Emulation's server is in the United States. There are so many resources you can find for information regarding roms. We can no longer supply you with these. So we can very well be affected if this goes any further, and in time it will. This is only the beginning folks. This is to ensure our presence in the future of the emulation scene, which as also just begun.


Remember, Google is your friend.


Lastly, we have built another plan for 1Emulation to keep us alive during these hard times. Here's a list of stuff we have thought of and will happen...


+ SpeakEmulation.tk will be removed and the Emulation Radio Talk Show will be an OFFICIAL 1Emulation Show and will be noted on all the emulation sites which of course our site will then be linkable.


+ IJTF_Cinder and myself have brought up an idea to make a Gaming Website Network that is already consisting of 6 websites which if put together correctly, you'll see it alive very soon.


+ Migration to 1Emulation v3.0 is already in effect. Currently the coding is going to be started in a week by Ryder. The designs are complete and so far we have 2 designs/skins for people to choose from. We will be keeping a lot of 1Emulation v3.0 features secret because of ongoing emulation sites updating themselves and we want to try to be as unique as possible. Remember, we DON'T WANT people thinking were another Emulation Site without roms/discussion. They are going to know us for something else and that'll be the best resource for emulation on the net. We'll give something that others don't have. That is a tight community of people who love emulation and of course one of the first emulation sites to have a Radio Talk Show and the biggest Online Arcade on any emulation site! Free Hosting will also be available as well which infact is, however not as widely publicized. After all, we need to put something in the Free Hosting page soon which we'll do.


+ We will be finishing up the Signature Images for each system as well soon. These are to help support 1Emulation on other message boards you may visit. We will also be making a page on the site where you can select a system and recieve the appropriate signature image for that system and select the size you want.


+ More and more arcade games will be added. We already have around a 120 more to add very soon. Recently we also upgraded the Arcade again today to fix a security issue.


+ Our IRC Channel is very alive now and you can visit it at the link on the top right of your screen.


+ If all goes as planned, we will be upgrading our server space on Miskie's server. This means a lot more bandwith and a lot more space. Hopefully we'll get some donations as well by then. We won't be expecting them, so we will try to support the site as best as I can without them.


Hang in there, 1Emulation has only begun. :rolleyes:


Rom Request Forum Will be PERMANENTLY Removed on Labor Day...

»» Monday, September 6, 2004 ««


- 1Emulation.Com Staff

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