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Fave FPS online game


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Teamfortress the original, NOT TFC for half life. Teamfortress for Quake/Quakeworld, and preferably an early version where the scout still had flash grenades and the spy's hallucinogen had a really trippy color-warping effect. Both of these effects were axed as GLQuake became more common.


Back when GameSpy was still QSpy, and LPBs were a rare occurence. Ahhh, things were good.

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I never got to play quake.  Is it any good?  I also liked Unreal Tournment.  I use to play that in school with my friends and the teacher.

Quake3 arena has the same concept of unreal tournament with a way different engine.

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Quake series, particurly Quake 2. That was the rise of mods for the Quake series. Can't wait for Raven's Quake 4.


Also play:

Counter-Strike (boo)

The Specialist

Quake 3 (Team Arena blows)

Unreal Tourney 2k4

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