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Which dashboard is the best?


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How do you do that, and wont it slow down your games?

If you want to play game, restart the Xbox with the other bios on. You should be able to play backup and original game or do whatever support by your dashboard (i.e : Unleash-X, EvoX, MXM etc...).


To convert Ur retail X-Box to Debug, U need :


A modified retail X-Box with at least 1 Mb bios space available in switchable slots.

Cracked debug dashboard "XBOX XDK (BIOS, XDK Launcher & Dashboard cracked)" from Complex.

Other bios such as Evox 2.5/2.6/D.6, Xecuter...

.NET Visual Studio with VC++7 installed (or Visual C++ 6).

Xbox SDK build 5344 (at least) to dev. or make compiles (if U don't have VS.NET, U have to use the previous version of XDK).


Tutorial : www.hydras-world.com/index.php?page=xboxretailtodebug


btw, this tuto is outdated, cuz U can do it via Phoenix Loader if U don't have a modchip which supports at least 1 Mb bios space available in switchable slots. Tuto via Phoenix Loader there : www.xbox-scene.com/articles/debug-xdk.php


I recommend to use the last tuto.

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Unleash is the best one. If anybody has this dashboard and likes kung-fu movies, I made a FMV skin of Hero with Jet Li and Donnie Yen(they both trained under the same master) fighting at www.allxboxskins.com. Every time you go back to the Unleash or start something from Unleash you get a nice short fight scene from the movie and it's very good quailty video too. The candles flikker too on the main screen. Promote.... :clapping:

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